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Nattertime Episode 8

Nattertime Episode 8 includes the latest Buckthead news, notably his upcoming Pike album releases. Plus a guitar battle riff off, Buckethead album battle, Sci-fi showdown and much more. Woo!! 

Previous episode links:-
Episode 1 - Buckethead: 'Nunchucks' Vs 'Glowing Eyes' 
Episode 2 - Buckethead: 'Soothsayer' Vs 'Jordan'
Episode 3 - Buckethead: 'Colma' Vs 'Electric Tears'
Episode 4 - What is Buckethead Coolest Guitar?
Episode 5 - Who are your Fantasy G3 Guitarists?

Episode 6 - Fake Guitarists & The Worst Music Video Ever?
Episode 7 - Which famous Musician have you met?


Buckethead Unmasked - Who is Buckethead.
Rare buckethead
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