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Gloriously Head Scratching Buckethead Moments

Good evening everybody, in a recent interview, former Guns n Roses manager Doug Goldstein was asked about Bucketheads behaviour in GNR, to which he said “it wasn't bad, it was just head scratching”.

Well, as Buckethead fans, 'weird' 'strange' and 'out of the box' are all things we love and expect from the GOAT.
So today we're gonna take a look at some glorious occasions where Buckethead left us scratching our heads, wondering what the BUCK is going on. Woo!!

1) Buckethead breaks his ESP guitar
In a classic moment from April 1996, Buckethead was performing with the band 'The Mistakes'. And whilst in a moment of shred madness, the guitar hero seemed to just let go his brand new ESP guitar.

It hit the floor and the head-stock broke. Which shouldn't be a surprise, but it was to Buckethead.
Seemingly heartbroken, he threw the guitar once more before leaving the stage.

According to 'the mistake' band member Mike Keneally “Afterward in the dressing room I saw buckethead slowly shaking his head and saying “no.. no..” I pretty much knew then he was a remarkable person.

Remarkable indeed..and head scratching.

2) The Bill 'Choptop' Moseley phone call
In the late 90's and early 2000's Buckethead formed the band 'The Cornbugs' with film actor Bill 'Choptop' Moseley. The band released a handful of albums, mostly improvised , which themselves were somewhat head scratching with titles like 'spastic song' 'bun boy' and 'sex milk mambo'. Nice.

But the real head scratching moment came when out of the blue, Bill Moseley received a rather unusual phone-call.

(Bill Moseley Interview)
I think about 8 years ago, I got a call from Buckethead and he said “I won’t be talking to you anymore” or “for a while” and it’s been 8 years, so. But that’s just how it is. He is his own person and I figured we got a couple of years out of our collaboration, so it’s okay. Actually it was more like 10 years”.

So, Buckethead called up Bill Moseley and said “hey, just to let you know I won't be talking to you anymore” “Huh, why?” “No reason. Bye”.
I'm sure Buckethead did have his reasons but nonetheless, head scratching.

3) 'The Kid' Website link
Head scratcher number 3, lies at the bottom of Buckethead's website, There you'll find a drawing of Buckethead titled 'The Kid' . And if you click on 'The Kid' it'll take you to Buckethead's old website, which is strange because, the website has pretty much been abandoned for almost a decade.

Weirdly the homepage was updated recently with an image from 2010.

So, why the update? and why is a link to an abandoned website still there after almost a decade?

And if you wanna see 'The Kid' in action be sure to check out the music video for 'The Island of Lost Minds'. Glorious.

4) Eagle Cauldron Pool
In a fairly recent head scratching moment from March 12th this year, Buckethead released the video titled 'Eagle Cauldron Pool'. Which showed Buckethead playing the song 'Fountains of the Forgotten' in an empty swimming pool.

The footage was seemingly filmed at the Rave Eagles club in Wisconsin in May 2019 when Buckethead performed there. And whilst him waiting almost a year to release the footage is itself, somewhat head scratching, the timing of the video definitely left some people bewildered.

At the time fans were eagerly awaiting the arrival of Pikes 276 & 277, which were meant to be shipped February 3rd, but with a month past and no word on their arrival, Eagle Cauldron Pool landed and people wondered what the heck was going on in Bucketheadland. And if it was an early April fool.

2 weeks later the pikes arrived, the video wasn't an April fool's, so Buckethead was just being Buckethead. Gloriously head scratching.

And speaking of long waiting times.

5) Live from Bucketheadland – Backstage Footage DVD
In the most recent head scratching moment, Buckethead released the Live in Bucketheadland backstage DVD. And the reason it's head scratching is because, it took 2 years and 9 months to arrive. Oh dear.

The DVD and vinyl package was made available for purchase in August 2017, set to ship January 2018, and arrived May 2020. Outstanding.

6) Covering Backstreet Boys & Daniel Bedingfield
With over 400 album credits to his name and having upwards of 2500 songs, its pretty surprising that Bucketheads live set list has remained relatively the same for over a decade.

In a previous video an overwhelming 91% of you said you'd like to see a set list change from Buckethead.
It's always awesome to hear the classics, but some live versions of Pike songs like 'Dripping Castle' 'Land of Miniatures' or 'Skull Rock Cove' would be more than welcome.

And set list head scratcher number 2 comes in the way of cover songs.
With all the songs out there that Buckethead could cover, why has the Backstreet Boys 'I want it that way' and Daniel Bedingfields 'Gotta get through this' made the setlist numerous times? Tell me why!




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