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Buckethead – Best of the Year 2020

Good evening everybody, 2020 is almost a wrap, which means its time for our 2nd annual Woo awards. Giving out the highly prestigious awards for Buckethead's best song, best album, best riff and many more.
So, let's begin. Woo!!

Best officially released Clip of 2020
Throughout the year Buckethead began releasing numerous clips via his website many of which had never been seen before. From him wandering the streets of New York as Michael Myers, jamming in an abandoned swimming pool, numerous dance clips and more. But for me, the 'Best officially released clip of 2020' was titled 'Dante's Lobby'. Showing a previously unreleased clip of Buckethead shredding from May 13th 2019 at the Louisville palace in Kentucky, his 50th birthday. Glorious!

Best Surprise of 2020
As usual there was numerous surprises in Bucketheadland in 2020. From the almost daily website posts, new Pike album releases, collaboration announcements and the shipping of outstanding DVD's from almost 3 years ago. But, the biggest surprise came on September 25th with the announcement of a 78 song project titled 'Music in Pictures'. 78 Songs to be released in May 2021 based on the artwork of artist Pamela Colman-Smith. Bring it on!

Best Painting of 2020
In 2020 Buckthead released over 300 original paintings, of course like other things on this list, art is subjective and all a matter of opinion. Whether you like Buckethead's Giant faces, stick men or antenna hands paintings, there's no wrong answers. My personal favorite of the year would be this one (painting 1114). Fantastical.

Best Riff of 2020
As usual Buckethead was in fine form In 2020 delivering some instantly memorable riffage.
But for me the winner for Buckethead's best riff of 2020 goes to Pike 281's 'Reflection on the Clouds'. Gloriously dreamy, easy to hum, and it'll be stuck in your head all day.

Best Solo of 2020
Although Buckethead has written more guitar solo's than anyone on the planet, 2020 was fairly low on solo's with Buckethead opting more for some rhythm and riffage. For me, there was 2 clear standout solo's of the year, the excellent 'Booboo got his black belt' from Pike 278 and what I consider to be the best solo of 2020, the 8 minute clinic from Pike 284's 30 minute classic 'Through the Looking Garden.

Best Album of 2020
In deciding which album was his best in 2020, it came down:- 278, 279, 282 & 284.
Pikes 278 & 279 have 4 of the best tracks of the year, 282 from start to finish is probably stronger overall than those two. And 284 has 1, 30 minute track that's outstanding.
In the end, Pike 278 'Unexpected Journeys' is the album I've listened to the most but, Pike 284 'Through the Looking Garden' has to be considered the best, having his best solo of 2020 and just being all levels of epic from start to finish.

Best Song of 2020
And finally, Buckethead's best song of 2020. With so many choices, it certainly wasn't easy. How to compare a 30 minute song like 'Through the Looking Garden' to a 5 minute song like 'Familiar Spirit' or compare a heavy hitter like 'Maskatron Roper' to something as soothing as 'In Dreamland'.
In the end, it came down to 'BooBoo got his black belt' and 'Through the Looking Garden'. And once again, the 22 minute build up to an 8 minute solo is a hard thing to beat.
So along with best album and best solo 'Through the looking garden' has to be considered buckethead's best song of 2020.


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