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Buckethead playing in the style of Guitar Greats

Good evening everybody, whilst guitar hero Buckethead has played numerous cover songs live throughout his career, he's also released a number of songs that are clearly played in the style of other guitar greats, tipping his bucket to those that have come before him.
So today we're gonna take a look at the occasions where Buckethead has played original songs in the style of other guitar greats. So, let's begin. Woo!!

(Angus Young)
First up, AC/DC legend Angus Young.
(Track, 2015 Pike 151 Fog Gardens/ Bought Big Ben – 2008 Bolt on Neck)
As well as doing an AC/DC medley during his 2004 tour and occasionally breaking out the song Bad Boy Boogie during sets, Buckethead has played Angus' distinct blues rock style on several songs, notably his 2015 song 'Track' and the 2008 song 'Bought Big Ben'.

And why did Buckethead call the song 'Bought Big Ben'?
(Interviewer “Are you rich now?”
Angus “Well, I bought Big Ben”)

(Jimi Hendrix)
Next up, arguably the most covered and most famous guitarist there will ever be, Jimi Hendrix.
(River of Liquid Fire – Pike 166, Phase Yellow – Pike 100, Hiero – Pike 99)
With Jimi Hendrix guitar sound and style deeply ingrained in just about everyone who ever picks up a guitar, it's almost impossible for someone to not sound like Hendrix, even if they're not aware of it.
And there's plenty of examples of Buckethead channeling Jimi, especially when Bucket's got the blues. Besides covering Hendrix numerous times live, notably with his killer renditions of 'Machine Gun', stand out Hendrix influenced songs include the Crosstown Traffic-esque 'Heiro' and the epic duo of 'Phase Yellow' and 'River of Liquid Fire'.

(Jimmy Page)
And from one legendary Jimi to another, it's Jimmy Page.
(Spooner Arks, 2008)
Throughout his career Buckethead has given numerous nods to the Led Zeppelin legend, thanking him in the liner notes of his 1994 album 'Giant Robot', replicating Page's 1988 album cover for 'Outrider' for his 1998 album 'Colma'. And playing an excellent Led Zeppelin medley during his 2004 tour.
The most obvious of nods came on the 2008 album 'Albino Slug' with the song 'Spooner Arks' which every Led Zeppelin fan should recognize.

Ah, we come from the land of the ice and snow.
Next, a guitar legend who inspired a generation.

(Eddie Van Halen)
(Sneak Attack, Cyborg Slunks 2007)

Much like the previously mentioned Jimi Hendrix, the style and influence of Eddie Van Halen can be heard in just about every guitarist today. Whether its through tapping, tremlo picking, the use of the whammy bar and more.
On a handful of occasions during his 2003 tour, Buckethead let rip with Van Halens classic song Eruption, later recording a segment of the song on his 2007 album Cyborg Slunks, before letting lose with his own crazy unique style tapping.

(Dimebag Darrell)
(Mannequin Cemetery – Pike 30, 2013)
In December 2004 shortly after the death of ex-Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, Buckethead released a song dedicated to the metal icon, later included on his 2005 album 'Kaleidoscalp'. And although the song isn't exactly Dimebag-esque, his 2013 release titled 'Mannequin Cemetery' certainly has the distinct sounds and squeals of Dimebag written all over it. Glorious.

(Shawn Lane, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen)
On the rare occasions that Buckethead has given interviews, he's always made a point of name dropping some of the guitarists he was influenced by and who's licks and patterns can occasionally be heard in his music, including the late great and highly underappreciated Shawn Lane. His former guitar teacher, the awesome Paul Gilbert. And Swedish shredder and icon, Yngwie Malmsteen.

(Bootsy Collins, Earl Scruggs, Frank Zappa)
Other notable musicians who Buckethead has played in the style of, include funk legend and best friend, Bootsy Collins. Bluegrass icon Earl Scruggs. Frank Zappa, who's Xenochrony technique Buckethead used on several albums. And no doubt many other musicians. One things for certain, whatever or whoever Buckethead was influenced by, he's certainly taken it to a whole new level of excellence.




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