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BREAKING: Buckethead & Madeline Cyrille Miller part company after their tour divides opinion 

Good evening everybody, so in some breaking and rather unexpected news. Its seems that after less than 2 months and half way into Buckethead's current tour, Madeline Cyrille Miller is no longer a part of the tour.

Madeline had been a featured part of the show, performing for most of the 2 hour set. And its fair to say, given the comments from people who have attended the shows, that the tour and performances haven't exactly gone down well, with a large number of the fanbase voicing their displeasure on just about every tour video that's been uploaded.

Unfortunately the split doesn't appear to be amicable, with Buckethead, as of early yesterday & as of the making of this video/article has removed every single mention of Madeline from his pikes website. Her photos are gone, the cringe page he dedicated to her, gone. and most shockingly, Buckethead has removed their recent album 'veins of institution' entirely from bandcamp as well as their sonar & luna rain & song for construction singles. Every mention of Madeline Cyrille miller from Buckethead, is gone. So clearly, something has happened.

Conversely Madeline also removed the tour dates from her page and the 'with Buckethead' section from her website around the same time, though has since put the 'with buckethead' section back up. She has also removed the teaser trailer for their solar & lunar rain” music video from her youtube channel.

At Buckethead's latest gig in Seattle, Madeline was nowhere to be seen, instead Dan Monti took over singing duties and Juno/Netlag is still on Bass.

So what happened? Currently neither one has spoke about it and probably never will & as usual several rumors are flying around, so here's some things we know for sure and some things that aren't true that should be squashed.

Were Buckethead & Madeline Cyrille Miller in a relationship? No. As Madelin's Instagram and website will tell you, Madeline is a “20 year old gender queer lesbian”.

Are Buckethead & Madeline Cyrille Miller related? No, Buckethead & Madeline Cyrille Miller are not related in any way. She is NOT his niece as some have circulated.

How did Buckethead and Madeline Cyrille Miller meet? Madeline and Buckethead met over a year ago at a public place. A place that, once you know more details about is very easy to locate. Unfortunately these details were submitted to a number of fans at after show meet & greets and before the start of shows by certain people involved in the tour.
I don't believe for one second that this was done with any bad intent, but knowing Buckethead and how protective he is of his private life, this might not have gone down well if he found out about it, and this may have lead to Madelines departure.

Whether this is the main reason for the fallout is unknown and again, is only speculation and the reason could be something totally different. As mentioned this is a breaking story so if there is any misinformation or errors mentioned in this video, or any updates, then it will be corrected in the pinned comment and/or description.

So, what do you think of the Buckethead/Madeline split, is it permanent, will it be mended and will Madeline ever return to Bucketheadland?


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