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Buckethead –Music Video History (1990-2019)

Good evening everybody, in todays video we’ll be taking an in-depth look at Buckethead’s extensive music video library. Covering a glorious span of almost 3 decades.
And whilst we’re mainly focusing on Buckethead’s official music videos, we’ll also include some special VHS and DVD releases, as well as cameos, special appearances and more. Be sure to let us know your favourite Buckethead music video release. And now, let’s begin. Woo!

Shake It - Limbomaniacs (1990)
Buckethead’s first music video appearance came in 1990, in a cameo for the song ‘Shake It’, by San Francisco hip hop band ‘The Limbomaniacs’.
Longtime Buckethead fans should recognize some of its members. Including lead singer Butthouse, who would later play bass in Buckethead’s band Giant Robot and form the band Ben Wa.
Keyboardist Pete Scatturo who was also in Giant Robot, co-wrote and produced many Buckethead albums, and recently picked up a BAFTA award for his score on the ps4 game, God of War.
And of course, Bryan ‘Brain’ Mantia, who’s toured and worked with Buckethead on just about every project that doesn’t include the word ‘Pike’.

Animal Behavior - Praxis (August 26, 1992)
Next up, from August 1992 came the release of ‘Animal Behavior’ by the awesomely awesome supergroup, Praxis. Filmed on the docks of Brooklyn, New York, Buckethead does battle with graffiti artist, Rammelzee. Many years later, in 2010, Buckethead released the song Rammelzee – Hero of the abyss, in memory of his late friend, who passed away earlier that year.
Animal Behavior also features the late great, Bernie Worrell, the aforementioned Bryan’ Brain’ Mantia and a funk legend who’ll appear many more times in this video, Bootsy Collins.

Funk Express Card (1994)
In 1994 Buckethead made a brief cameo appearance in the Bootsy Collins video ‘Funk Express Card,’ which marks the first time in a music video that Buckethead can be seen wearing the classic ‘Funeral’ sticker.

Praxis-Inferno (1994) / Binge Tapes
Also in 1994, Buckethead began to self-release what would eventually become a 7 set VHS series, the Binge tapes. The 6 hour long Binge tapes covered Buckethead’s first decade as a performer, from tour footage to home videos and much more. They also included the 2nd, lesser known Praxis video ‘Inferno’ from Praxis’s Metatron album. The majority of the footage was filmed on May 13th 1994, Buckethead’s 25th birthday and was also later used in promo material for the Buckethead & Brain album ‘I need 5 minutes alone’. 

If 6 was 9 (1996)
In 1996 Buckethead once again teamed up with Bootsy Collins for a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song ‘If 6 was 9’. In the video, among other things, Buckethead can be seen paying tribute to Hendrix by using a Hendrix style white Strat. And as much as I’d like to show you footage of the video, the video is blocked from ever being shown on Youtube by UMG. Which is why you won’t find it anywhere on the platform. Thanks, UMG. Thanks a lot. Pricks.

Killer Grab Bag of Shards (1997) Video CD-Rom
In 1997 Buckethead self-released the now ultra-rare video CD-Rom, ‘Killer Grab Bag of Shards’. The CD featured several small clips from Bucketheads 1997 shows, most of which would later be included in the previously mentioned binge tapes.
(1998 Webcast/ 2003 Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People)
In August of 1998 back when most people had no idea what the internet was, Buckethead made a guest appearance during a webcast by Les Claypool’s Primus. Segments of the webcast were later included in Primus’s 2003 DVD ‘Animals Should Not Try to Act Like People’.

Videoplasty (1998)
Also in 1998 Primus released the VHS tape ‘Videoplasty’, featuring live concert footage from October 14th 1998 .Buckethead, who was the support act for the band, makes an appearance during the show, and it’s one of the rare occasions he wears the ominously looking orange jumpsuit.

We Sold Our Souls for Rock N Roll (1999/2001)
That following year in mid-1999, Buckethead made another guest appearance for Primus in what would be a breakout performance at Ozzfest 99. The performance was captured for the documentary ‘We Sold Our Souls for Rock N Roll’ which premiered at several film festivals, but has since gone on to be somewhat of a legendary lost tape.

Ballad of Buckethead (1999)
That same year in September, Les Claypool produced Buckethead’s classic album ‘Monsters & Robots’. To help promote the album Buckethead released his first ever solo music video ‘The Ballad of Buckethead’.
The video was directed and produced by award winning artist Dave Mckean, who also designed the cover for the album and an accompanying comic book.
Costing an estimated $19,000, the video debuted on MTV’s 120 minutes, was later nominated for ‘best new artist clip’ at the billboard awards, and is considered one of Buckethead’s greatest videos.

Inner Dental Space Commander-Wave Twister (2001)
In 2001 Buckethead made a guest appearance for DJ-Qbert’s animated movie, Wave Twisters. The Buckethead footage was filmed in 1998 and released in 2001 after 3 years in production, costing $250,000. The movie was directed by Syd Garon, and it won’t be the last time you hear his name in this video. If you haven’t seen it yet, the movie is definitely worth watching, even if you’re a not a fan of DJ’s and scratching.

Pyrrhic Victory (2001)
Also in 2001 another animated Buckethead music video was released, Pyrrhic Victory, from the band Thanatopsis. Made up of Buckethead & longtime friend and producer Travis Dickerson, the animated video was made by Travis’ father Burton Dickerson, an accomplished artist and World War 2 veteran. Burton Dickerson, we salute you.

Scoring the Ghosts of Mars (2001)
That same year Buckethead fulfilled what was no doubt a long time ambition, when he worked alongside horror legend John Carpenter, scoring the movie ‘Ghosts of Mars’.
Buckethead can be seen in a featurette with Carpenter, laying down some “neat” licks. And whilst the movie wasn’t that great, the soundtrack definitely was.

Undacover Funk (2002)
In 2002 Buckethead made another glorious cameo in the Snoop Dogg video ‘Undacover Funk’. Joined once again by his friend to the end, Bootsy Collins and comedian Eddie Griffin. Buckethead can be seen sitting down, looking somewhat depressed whilst clutching his ever present yellow chainsaw. Excellent.

Live from Bonnaroo DVD (2002)
That same year, Buckethead along with Les Claypool, Brain and Bernie Worrell, known as Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie Brains, stole the show at the Bonnaroo festival. Which was later released and immortalized on the DVD, Live from Bonnaroo.

ODB Tribute (2004)
In late 2004, Buckethead self-released a video tribute to recently deceased rapper, ODB. Wearing a texas chainsaw mask and clutching his herbie hand puppets, Buckethead mimes to the ODB song ‘Shame on a Ninja’.

Spokes for the Wheel of Torment (2004) 
In 2004 Buckethead released what could be considered his 2nd solo music video, and one of my personal favourites, Spokes for the Wheel of Torment, from the epically heavy album, The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell. The dark and brutal paintings of 16th century painter Hieronymus Bosch, are bought to life by previously mentioned Wave Twisters director, Syd Garon. Glorious.

We are One (2005)
That following year Buckethead once again teamed up with director Syd Garon alongside System of a Down’s Serj Tankian for the video, We are One, from Buckethead’s ‘Enter the Chicken’ album. The video, which looks somewhat like an afterschool b-movie project, features a cameo by Deli Creeps drummer Pinchface, and what appears to be an unmasked, albeit, disguised Buckethead.

Fear da Tiger (2005)
That same year, Buckethead also teamed up again with Bootsy Collins for the video ‘Fear da Tiger’. The video features players from the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team, and a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ appearance by Buckethead.

Viva Voltron (2005)
Another 2005 video appearance came from the season 2 DVD of the animated series, Voltron. Buckethead plays the excellent theme song ‘Viva Voltron’ and can be seen in the video randomly popping up on screen.

Guitar One Lesson DVD (2006)
At the beginning of 2006, guitar one magazine released a short Buckethead guitar lesson DVD. The DVD shows Buckethead going through some licks and riffs, whilst also talking through his hand puppet, Herbie. Delightful.

Secret Recipe (2006) DVD
That same year Buckethead released what is by far one of his greatest releases, and essential Buckethead merch, The Secret Recipe DVD. The DVD covers Bucketheads first 13 years as a performer, featuring many of the best bits from the previously mentioned Binge tapes, as well as live shows, mp3’s, music videos and much more. Secret Recipe is a must own for hardcore fans, and figuring out the DVD’s menu is a secret recipe in itself.

Young Buckethead DVD’s (2006)
Also that year longtime friend of Buckethead and guitar player magazine writer, Jas Obrecht released the Young Buckethead DVD’s. The DVD’s show Buckethead’s early days in the Deli Creeps band, as well as interviews and private performances. Just like the Secret Recipe DVD, these are essential viewing for hardcore fans, showing the beginnings of our future guitar hero.

Headcheese/ Quackers (2007)
In 2007 the Cornbugs band of Buckethead and Bill ‘Choptop’ Moseley, released 2 DVD’s, Headcheese and Quackers. The now rare DVD’s shows Buckethead and Choptop hanging around Buckethead’s parents’ home in Claremont, goofing around, jamming and just doing what Cornbugs do.

Brain-Worst Drum Instructional DVD (2007)
Also in 2007 Buckethead reconnected with Praxis and GNR drummer, Bryan ‘Brain’ Mantia for Brain’s DVD titled ‘The Worst Drum Instructional DVD Ever’. Buckethead can be seen doing his best Michael Jackson impression, as well as performing some delightful jams in the awesomely looking and rarely worn red jacket.

Sliver of Shiver (2007) DVD “Bootsy’s Fall Ball”
Buckethead’s 4th DVD appearance that year came from Cincinnati bassist Freekbass DVD ‘A Sliver of Shiver’. Featuring Buckethead, Freekbass and Bootsy Collins, the live concert DVD was filmed October 26th 2006, Bootsy Collins 55th birthday.

Minds Under Construction (2011)
In 2011 Buckethead and Bootsy self-released the music video ‘Minds Under Construction’. Filmed at Buckethead’s parent’s home, the video also features Bucketheads late father, Tom Carroll, wearing a leatherface mask. Outstanding.

10 31 (2018) DVD
Over the next several years Buckethead seemingly went on a music video drought, focusing on his pike album series and live shows. Until finally in 2018, when the music video ’10 31’ dropped.
Animated by longtime friend and collaborator Bryan Theiss at Frankenseuss Laboratories, the video drew inspiration from Syd Garon’s wave twisters and spokes for the wheel videos, bringing Buckethead paintings alive to glorious effect.
The music video DVD is by far one of Buckethead’s greatest music videos and a must-watch for all Buckethead fans.

Monster Mash (2019)
And finally, we conclude with the latest music video release to feature Buckethead, 2019’s Monster Mash. A cover of the 1960’s song of the same name, Bootsy Collins and friends get in the Halloween spirit. Clips of Buckethead taken from 2011’s ‘Minds Under Construction’ are used, as well as a full length Buckethead mannequin …with ginger hair.
So, Be sure to let us know your favourite Buckethead music video from this list, until next time…Woo!!


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