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10 Easy Guitar Riffs by Buckethead (Non Pikes Edition)

Good evening everybody, whilst there’s many words you can use to describe Buckethead’s guitar playing, the word ‘easy’ is probably not one that springs to mind. But, despite having some of the most complex riffs, licks and solo’s known to the guitar universe, Buckethead also has a bunch of easy ones that even us mere mortals can play. So today, we’ll take a look at 10 easy to play guitar riffs by Buckethead. Woo!!

We begin with the first riff from Buckethead’s debut studio album, Bucketheadland, it’s the ‘Park Theme’. As with most musicians Bucketheads studio recordings often differs from his live playing, so    while some of the easier examples are shown in the tabs, feel free to move up and down the neck.

The Park Theme would later be reworked for his 2nd studio album Giant Robot and become one of his most popular songs ‘Welcome to Bucketheadland’.
Next up, from 1999’s Cobra Strike album, it’s the 13th Scroll.

Next is a fan favourite from the Bucketheadland 2 album, ‘Frozen Brains Tell No Tales’. Add some distortion, palm muting and turn your amp up to 11. Hell yeah.

Up next, From Buckethead’s bestselling album, Monsters & Robots, it’s Stick Pit. A good string skipping riff for beginners and an all-around bad ass song.

Next up, is a set list regular, a fan favourite and one of the most enjoyable Buckethead riffs to play. It’s Revenge of the Double Man, also known as Torture Tunnel from the Cobra Strike album.

If there was ever a riff made for a UFC walkout, then the next song from the ‘Day of the Robot’ album, is that song. Buckethead channels some Jaws in one of his most gloriously epic songs, Destroyer.

Next is another heavy offering and if you can play this riff, you can play the entire 5 minute song. Yep, 1 riff repeated over and over for 5 minutes straight. From Praxis’s Sacrifist album, it’s ‘Rivet’.

Keeping with the heavy, from the Giant Robot album, it’s Post Office Buddy.

Next up is one of Buckethead’s long time set-list favourites, used for extended jams, shreds and solo’s. From Praxis’s 2nd album, Metatron album, it’s Turbine.

Next is an underrated standout from Bucketheads 2002 Funnel Weaver album. At just over 1.5 minutes long, it’s one of Buckethead shortest songs. So, learn the riff and you learn the entire song. Use plenty of distortion, wah and vibrato. It’s ‘Sleeper Agents’.

So, whats your favourite riff from this video and whats your favourite Buckethead riff to jam out to?



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