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Brain picks his favorite Buckethead song, album, pike, project & more.

From Ryan Dahl, which one of the solo albums or songs you've done with Buckethead is your favourite?

I think the one that brings the most memories is Giant Robot. It sounds really good to me, its really put together well, we took our time. It's all live. It was before looping and pro-tools and stuff. We recorded to tape. Definitely Giant Robot.

Next is from Aaron Collins, which one of the albums you did with Buckethead was your least favourite and why? So the opposite question. If you have a least favourite?

I don't know if I have a least favourite.

Or maybe one you would've done differently?

Yeah, in the end I can't really say there was one that I would've done differently. Even the Colma where it was just my loops, thats what we wanted. I mean, there's an obscure one that we did pretty quickly. Ph Lung Lee. I remember that was a bit of an...urgh, uh... we messed that up. We didn't take our time. A little bit of that on one or two.

That's the Kevin's Noodle House one?

Yeah, that's the one we were just kinda fucking around. Mainly me. Buckethead thought of the name after he saw this place and said 'let's call it Pho's Noodle House'. That's the only one I'm bummed out about because Buckethead let me deal with it. And I didn't do it properly. If I could redo that one, I would take more time with it.

Because there's one track on there called 'Thin Crust' which is a really good song!

Oh that's cool. I gotta listen to that one again. Ya know what I mean, looking back at it, I'm like 'urgh'. If one of the next questions is what is the favourite thing you've done, I'd say Praxis. Praxis to me was the combination of the best Buckethead, Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell. Our goal was to do that and have Bootsy Collins tour with us. But ya know, now Bernies gone. Also I would love to go on tour with Buckethead & Bootsy. I would love to when touring starts again. Before I died I would like to go out with those guys. It would be the ultimate.

Is there talk of you being on the new album they're working on?

I think they're doing their own thing but I would love to.

This Is from Oscar Lopez, who's actually played onstage with Buckethead, I dunno if you seen that clip or not?

I don't know if I've seen that one.

There's like this guy who does Buckethead cover songs on Youtube and I guess Buckethead recognized him and brought him onstage2 years in a row.

That's rad. On one of this solo shows?


That's awesome!

(Oscar Lopez) Buckethead is my most admired musician. Who is yours?

If I had a gun to my head and had to pick one. For drumming definitely Tony Williams. As far as a musician, anytime I see anything that Prince does I love. He plays the drums, writes songs, plays guitar, bass, horns. He blows my mind. I would say those 2 are a super big influence.

I'm almost afraid to ask if you've seen the Prince cover that Metallica did?

Oh no, I haven't.

It was like this viral video, it was so bad.

Oh my god I'm gonna look that up, I'm writing that down.

It's super bad, it's'll see, you'll see. Okay, next one.

(Oscar Lopez) What is your favorite album or song by Buckethead?

Oh man. I can't remember the name but we were gonna play it. We might've even played it. I can't remember the name right now.

There's so many!

I know, like..


Yeah!! God I'm trying to think. I'm looking at the old set-list. There was so many but there was one we were learning. Because a lot of those are just done with him and Dan Monti.

I'm trying to think of the one's he's played like 'Flare' 'Claymation Courtyard'...

I'm looking at the set-list. When we're learning the song he'll send me a bunch of Pike songs. Like you said there's like 270. How do you keep up and stuff. But there was one that I loved. What was the name? Ah shit. It's one of the ones he was playing on tour and I had heard before. And we were learning it and we were gonna play it. But we didn't play it. I loved the song. I was like, man, this song is rad.

You got me thinking now, I really wanna know!

This is driving me crazy! It doesn't show it.

Shores of Molokai?

Wait, let me see if that's it. That sounds familiar. No, that wasn't it. This is driving me crazy.

Or maybe look it up later and email.

Yeah maybe I'll do that and you can tell your audience. I'll find it! There was so many. We had like 30 that would could've played and he kept sending me tons of songs. Like you said, 275 Pike albums.

Yeah, 3000 songs.

Yeah!! So, it's hard to remember what that one was. It was a great song though. I wanna find it and let you know.

What about Ghosts of Broken Eggs?

Oh maybe that was it.

He's played that a lot, kinda like a blues track.

What one was that on?

The album is 'In the Hollow Hills' Pike 101.

Pike 101?

There's just so many when you go through the list, it's like 'fuck, where am I?!'

Yeah, man. Oh yeah, the Hollow Hills that was a good one. That's not in but I remember that. Yeah, that was a cool one! I liked that one.

Does he actually remember all the songs he does or he puts them out and then on to the next? Because I find it hard to believe he remembers them all.

I don't know if he remembers all of them but off of every Pike has like 1 or 2 that he falls in love with that he knows. I wouldn't say all of them because that's insane. He was sending me a lot like 'what about this one' and in the end I was like 'dude, there's too many!'. But there was one or two I was really like, man this is bad-ass. It was a great song. I'll find it and let you know. Let's just do it later.

<See the end of the video to find out which song it was>


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