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Paul Gilbert talks about Buckethead (2020 Interview excerpt)

Mumbleau asks "do you remember anything about 
giving lessons to bucket head?".

That was when we were both young. I 
was probably 18 years old. It was pre-bucket, he wasn't wearing the bucket yet. He might have been 15 and his mom would drive him to the lesson and that was that was when I had discovered this three note per string

scales. So it was, you know, what I showed him. Scales up and down as fast as you can and Brian was excited about that.

you know he's certainly gone on to really form his own thing.

The the nice thing was that recently, maybe two years ago I did a record for Pledge Music and one of the packages besides the music was getting a guitar lesson from me in person. You had to come to Portland. Bryan was working on a record and his record producer bought him a lesson with me as a present. so you know Buckethead he came up to my house without the bucket and I said

"dude you're special you know, we'll spend more than the hour" so we spent the whole afternoon just hanging out, we had lunch and he came over and jammed and it was nice to reconnect with him. He's incredible I'll watch him do stuff on YouTube and

it's awesome and he's taking it to a whole new level.

yeah he's a very good player and he's killer with the nunchucks.

yeah but you're better with a drill.



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