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Buckethead & The Powers Ranger Theme Song
Did Buckethead play the Power Rangers Theme Song?

Good evening everybody, today we're going in-depth on a long time requested video, the mystery of Buckethead and the Power Rangers theme song. So, let's begin. Woo!!

For the longest time, there's been the story that Buckethead played on the main theme song for the 1995 movie, power rangers. 

The Wikipedia page for the album says that “its been confirmed by an apprentice sound engineer that Buckethead played lead in the track” and when you click the link for proof of the article, it takes you to a Youtube comment from a user who has no videos, no profile, nothing. Ah Wikipedia and their facts aye.

The user says he was working as an apprentice at the studio at the time, and that Buckethead came in because he was friends with Guns N Roses “bandmate” Matt Sorum, recorded the part and then didn't want his name on the track.

That video, along with countless others have amassed million and millions of views. Many of which believing that Buckethead played on the song. So, did Buckethead play the power rangers theme song?

Looking at the song on the albums booklet and seeing that Buckethead's name isn't on there, should alone be enough to dispel the myth, but apparently not.

Buckethead is credited on the album but on a totally different song called 'Firebird', which was recorded at a completely different studio.

Buckethead appeared on the album because he was contractually obligated by Columbia records, just like he was on The Last Action Hero soundtrack. Not because he was friends with Matt Sorum.
Which, as some people have pointed out, Matt Sorum and Buckethead were never in GNR at the same time by about a 5 years gap.

Not to throw shade at the user who claimed these things, but either he worked at the studio and remembers it completely wrong, or because it's the internet and people just make shit up, and for whatever reason, people take it as truth and run away with it.

In truth, the whole confusion began around 2001 when a user uploaded the song to torrent sites Kazaa and Limewire, wrongly titled Buckethead – Power Rangers Theme. Which, mislabeling songs at the time was a thing, similar to being rick-rolled.

A few years later, Youtube was born and a user uploaded the exact same mp3 file to youtube with the same name. It got tons of views and so everyone and their grandmother began uploading the same song with the same title, further spreading the myth.
There was also alternate versions uploaded claiming to be the real “buckethead version” which the original composer Ron Wasserman has since debunked.

At one point even Buckethead's own website dispelled the myth, stating that the song 'Firebird' was his only contribution to the album, and that the rumor came from mislabeled mp3 files on the previously mentioned torrent site Kazaa.

So even though the whole confusion and subsequent tales was great for getting Buckethead some exposure, according to his website, the original composer of the song and the albums booklet, Buckethead never played any version of the main theme song of the power rangers.

As listed on the albums booklet, the excellent 1995 version of the song, is performed by Tim Pierce, who is an outstanding guitarist and has his own successful youtube channel.


I've tagged Tim and Ron in the description of this video, so if they wanna add anything further to this intriguing tale or even deepen the myth, that would be glorious.



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