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Buckethead's Fantastic Four

Good evening everybody, today we're gonna take a look at what most people, including myself, consider to be Buckethead's four greatest songs. Four songs that might well define the most prolific and arguably greatest guitarist of this, or any other generation.
These are Buckethead's Fantastic Four. Woo!!

In late 2006 Buckethead received widespread acclaim for a song he submitted to the highly popular video game Guitar Hero 2. That song, was Jordan.

Named after Basketball icon Michael Jordan, its one of the most covered Buckethead songs on the internet.
Buckethead first began playing the song during live shows in 2004 and is now a mainstay in his setlist.

At just under 4 minutes of guitar mastery, it uses everything from tapping to hybrid picking to signature nubbing and more.
The flow and build of the solo is outstanding and far more than just a display of technique.

When so-called experts or publications print what they think are the greatest solo's ever, it often includes the likes of 'Stairway to Heaven' 'Sweet Child o Mine' and 'Eruption', and for my money Jordan is right up there with them.

In Buckethead's own words Jordan is “one of the best things I've ever recorded in my entire life”. Glorious.

Nottingham Lace
In early 2004 Buckethead debuted what became an instant fan favorite, Nottingham Lace.
The song was first released as a free download on his website and then later included on the 2005 album 'Enter the Chicken'.

At just over 6.5 minutes long Nottingham Lace builds and builds, erupting at the 2.5 minute mark with an epic 4 minute solo.
Every note is twisted and bent to perfection, and by the song's end you'll be hitting the repeat button and turning the volume up to 11, ready for another round of guitar excellence.

Nottingham Lace is to Buckethead what Stairway to Heaven is to Jimmy Page and what 'For the Love of God' is to Steve Vai. An epic, timeless, masterpiece.

In 2006 Buckethead released arguably his most famous, most popular and for some, his greatest song ever, Soothsayer.
First appearing during his 2006 tour, the song would later feature on his classic album 'Crime Slunk Scene'. And later in 2008, much like 'Jordan' before it, would gain mass appeal with it's appearance on Guitar Hero 3.
Dedicated to his Aunt Suzie, who at the time was in ill health and later passed away in 2007, the song is just over 9 minutes in length, with Buckethead putting on a guitar clinic.
When its all said and done, the song Soothsayer might well be what Buckethead is remembered for the most. A mind-blowing modern masterpiece.

Hold me Forever
The final song of Buckethead's fantastic four can be described in two words, Magnum Opus.
The Oxford dictionary defines magnum opus as 'a large or important work of art, music or literature, especially one regarded as the most important work of an artist or writer'.
Buckethead''s Magnum Opus is 2014's 'Hold me Forever'.

Released 6 months after the passing of his mother Nancy York Carroll, Hold me Forever was released in her memory, and is quite simply, one of the greatest musical compositions ever recorded by an artist.

At just under 29 minutes long and made up of 6 tracks that spell out 'NYC4EvEr', Hold me Forever is intended to be heard in one unbroken sitting. Each track seamlessly melting into the next, building and building until it reaches its crescendo, with track 6 'Er'.
A 13+ minute breathtaking musical display that encompasses everything you need to make a song a masterpiece.
NYC 4 Ever. Fantastic.


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