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Buckethead Talking – The History of his Interviews

Good evening everybody, in today’s video we’re gonna take a look back at the rare occasions where guitar hero Buckethead has spoken, whether it’s on camera or audio only. Woo!!

(1990 Young Buckethead)
We begin in December 1990, with a then 21 year old Buckethead.
Young Buckethead is in gloriously sinister form, letting us know his influences, what type of women he likes, what it takes to be the next Buckethead and more. Fantastic.

Q- Who were influences?
A- Backdoor Billy. He’s a neighbor. He lives down the street.
Q- Nice guy?
A- Yeah. He’s dead though.
Q-Yeah, but he’s still a nice guy. Do you have him at your house now?
A- (Sinister laughter)

Q- You have any plans for Martha Quinn?
A- I’m gonna use her body for my own pleasure. And then Kill her.

Q- What do you think about people eating chicken?
A- No!
Q- What would you do to Colonel Sanders?
A- I would slice him into small bits and bury him. I love animals, I hate humans. Humans die.

Q-What kind of women do you like?
A-I like full figured women that are tall. I like women in general that are pretty.

Q-Any advice for future Bucketheads?
A-You have to kill somebody (sinister laughter).

“I’m shocked at you Buckethead” – Bootsy Collins

(1995 Binge Tapes – Saucy Patches/ Eric Wood)
Next up, Buckethead can be heard on several occasions throughout the 7 volume VHS series ‘Binge tapes’. With the highlights including his interview of former Deli Creeps bassist ‘Saucy Patches’. And a hilarious encounter with good friend, Eric Wood…in a freezer.

Q-How tall are you?
A- Around 6.5 feet.

Q-Whats your weight?
A- Pushing 300 pounds.

Q-You’re quite a big person?
A-Well, I’ve seen bigger but not around here.

Q- Is that a cheesecake?
A- No, sir. I see we need to get you a syringe. That wax is thick! It’s a classic traditional plum almond crumble pie. Alright? What is this?

A- Classic traditional plum almond crumble. Small pie.

Q-Do you have cream?
A- Yes!! Exotic chocolate mousse. $3 each.

Q-Wow! Jeez!
A-It’s Exotic! You’re not getting a thrifty cone!

Q-It’s cold in here!
A-Yes, sir. It’s a freezer.

“Hello, Im ordering a mcdonalds can I take your order?”
“Yes, I’d like 8 pieces of…8 chicken… Pieces!!”


(1999 Ozzfest)
Next, from 1999’s Ozzfest. Buckethead gives his first interview using his new hand puppet ‘Herbie’. Giving us an insight into how he learnt to play guitar.

Q- How did you learn how to play guitar?
A- Well, he grew up in a chicken coop. His Grandma would knit and sit in a rocking chair. And she gave him a guitar. And he would play really pretty to her. And that’s how he started.

“It tastes better raw. Everything tastes better raw. You’re watching raw time!”

(2002 MTV interview)
In 2002 whilst a member of Guns N Roses, Buckethead and Herbie spoke to MTV’s Kurt Loder, who was keen to find out whether Buckethead picks up chicks.

He puts a bucket on his head because he thought he could help all those dead chickens come back to life. So when he plays it’s like the sounds of those dead chickens are coming through his hands.

Q- How would you describe Buckethead’s style?
A- Disembodied!
Q- Does Buckethead ever pick up chicks? (Girls)
A- He’s scared of girls, he doesn’t understand the feeling he gets.
Q- Is it a chick-chicken confussion?
A- That’s a possibility, I’ve never thought of that and I’m sure Buckethead hasn’t either. There’s lots of exciting things coming up. It’s like when you got a nice loaf of bread in the oven and it’s not quite done and you’re really excited.

“Buckethead does not talk and he’s talking like a rabbit” – Bootsy Collins

“Buckethead you’re a big horror movie fan?”

(2006 Guitar One DVD)
In January 2006 for ‘Guitar One’ magazine, Buckethead and Herbie talked rollercoasters, slaughterhouses, and gave a shout out to  Paul Gilbert and the late great, Shawn Lane. Delightful.

There’s lot of ways to get from the bottom to the top. It’s kind of like digging a hole.
It’s fun to go on rides. In your imagination and you can swirl around a rollercoaster where you can have fatalities and still live.
The slaughterhouse can be an inspiring place to go. 2 finger nubbing. 3 finger nubbing. 4 finger nubs.
It’s inspired from Shawn Lane and the ‘Day of the Robot six million dollar man’ episode. And thanks Paul Gilbert for the tape.
Thanks for coming by the coop. It’s time to go to bed. I guess I’ll play some lullaby’s to send you to sleep. Thank you.

(2006 Buckethead leaves a Christmas message for Bootsy Collins) 


(2011 Bootsy Collins Interview)
In 2011 as promotion for the upcoming song ‘Minds under Construction’, Buckethead alongside Bootsy Collins gave an audio only, mock interview to the worlds press.
And as usual, Buckethead was in fine, gloriously sinister form.

I’m so happy! I will go outside at night when nobodies awake and play with dead things. And then I bury them. Then dig them up the next night.
Sometimes when I go to sleep I dream about decomposing slunks. And then I wake up and there’s one right in front of me.
Sometimes I go to his farm and there’s a big pile of bones and he lets me play in it. Because I like headcheese.
I like staying up at night because I can bury things and nobody sees me. I want a slunk for my birthday so I can tie it to my car and drag it.
I like to go to the slaughterhouse after it closes because there’s lots of blood everywhere and I like to play in it and then look in the mirror.
Is there anything else you want me to say?
Is there anyone you’d like to thank?
Well, me!

(2017 Coming Alive)
In 2017 Buckethead gave his first and so far only, fully out of character interview for the ‘Coming Alive’ podcast.
We’ve previously covered segments of the interview in numerous videos, including Buckethead speaking about Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, the origins of the mask and bucket and the tragic loss of his parents.
He would also speak of his future goals, his most memorable show, his heart condition and much more. Monumental.

My goal is to make an amusement park. Trying to call people and develop relationships, I’ve had tough times with business so even on a small scale it’s hard to call people. So, how am I ever going to make the park if I can’t call one person?

(Buckethead on his heart condition)
Really recently I have a heart problem where my heart beats out of rhythm. I didn’t know what was going on. The doctor said you’re on the verge of a stroke. It’s been difficult and it’s scary. Walking across a room is difficult. It’s also good because I’m like ‘Well, I better do all the things I wanna do now’.

(Buckethead on one of his most memorable shows)
On this particular tour I was playing alone. It was an incredible experience, one of the best times I’ve had. But a couple of nights later everyone was just standing there and some guy in the crowd was talking loudly. And you said to me “you’re giving to them, you don’t want anything from them”. And I did it. It was incredible. Something changed after that show. Because I wasn’t thinking ‘oh, they’re not into me’. I was just gone and just went for it.

(Buckethead on his guitar playing)
I love to do it! It’s almost as if I can play my life through a song. For me, the last 10 years have been intense. Emotionally. But because of that I feel that it’s deepened my playing. I can really feel things more intensely now. Those things I can put them into the music. It’s different than it used to be.



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