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Buckethead Pike Reviews

A review of Pike 30 'Mannequin Cemetery' by Buckethead, released October 5th 2013.

Good evening everybody, today we're back for another trip to Bucketheadland to take a look at Pike 30 'Mannequin Cemetery'. So, let's begin. Woo!!

Released October 5th 2013, Pike 30 'Mannequin Cemetery' was the 2nd Pike album released that month, dropping the day after Pike 28 'Feathers'. Because Buckethead loves dropping albums out of sequence.

The 9 track album kicks off with Track 1 'Melted Glasses', and if the albums title didn't give it away that this was gonna be a heavy one, then the opening bars of Melted Glasses certainly does. Heavy metal drop tuned riffage with some glorious super mean Dimebag Darrell-esque squeals. At just under 3 minutes its the albums 2nd shortest track but a very solid opener.

Track 2 'Purse of Holes' continues with the heavy with a ridiculous amount of riffs and changes in its 3.5 minute duration. Each Riff could easily make up its own song but Buckethead throws it all in there. Although not as enjoyable as track one, it's a good addition to the album.

Track 3 'Cobwebs in the Calf' is another solid addition with an outstanding drum track carrying it through. There's numerous foot stomping head banging moments especially around the 50 second and 2.5 minute mark and would make for an excellent song live. Good stuff.

Track 4 'Faded Fingernail Polish' immediately locks on to a beat and delivers more of the same. Heavy drums, heavy riffage, 3.5 minutes in and out. Maybe not as strong as tracks 1 & 3, but still enjoyable.

Track 5, the comically titled 'Hat that smells like an Old Bookstore' is the albums shortest track at just under 2.5 minutes. And up to this point it's the albums least spectacular track. Though enjoyable, it feels like you've kind of already heard it in the previous tracks.

Track 6 'Where Rings Were' is one of the better flowing songs from the album, it doesn't slow down or interrupt itself and the 3.5 minutes fly by. Enjoyable track, up there with tracks 1 & 3 as a standout.

Track 7 'Piles of Parts' has some of the albums better, more enjoyable riffs and much like the previous track has a great flow to it. For me, along with track 1 'Melted Glasses' it's the album best song and one you can easily listen to again.

Track 8 'Shoes without Socks' starts off slow before locking onto a beat and riding with it, really kicking in around the 1 minute mark with an excellent riff that I wish would've been played for a lot longer. That being said, the rest of the song is solid and one of albums better tracks.

The album concludes with its title track and longest track 'Mannequin Cemetery'. 20 seconds in it goes into 5th gear at a frantic pace. Like the previous track it locks onto an excellent riff around 1 minute in and again unfortunately doesn't stick with it or go back to it. The song somewhat loses it flow later on midway and doesn't quite get it back. But it does end the same way the album opened, with some sweet Dimebag squeals.

Overall, Pike 30 Mannequin Cemetery is definitely one for metalheads, and although it doesn't have the wow factor or any 4 or 5 star songs, its solid and consistent throughout. With tracks 1 & 7 'Melted Glasses' & 'Piles of Parts' being the standouts.
Personally I find the songs far more enjoyable when played on their own, mixed in with other pike songs, rather than listening to the whole album from start to finish. Because by the end, the songs might start to feel like their “much of a muchness”.


After adding up the rating I gave for each track, It came to 62%, which I'd categorize as Good and feels about right. You can find my individual song ratings and break down on our website

So, what's your rating for Pike 30?
To work out what percentage you'd give the album, rate each song out of 5 stars, add up your total and divide it by the total score possible, which for Pike 30 is 45. Then times it by 100.

Pike 30 'Mannequin Cemetery' RATINGS (out of 5)
1. Melted Glasses  ***½  (3.5)
2. Purse of Holes   **¾  (2.75)
3. Cobwebs in the Calf   ***¼  (3.25)
4. Faded Fingernail Polish  ***  (3)
5. Hat that smells like an Old Bookstore  **¾  (2.75)
6. Where Rings were   ***  (3.25)
7. Piles of Parts   ***½   (3.5)
8. Shoes without Socks   ***¼  (3.25)
9. Mannequin Cemetery   **¾   (2.75)

Album length: 30:32

Total = 28 out of 45 (Album = 62%, Good)

1-20 % = Poor
20- 40 % = Below Average
40-60 % = Average
60-80 % = Good


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