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Buckethead vs Drunk Fans

Good evening everybody, for the most part fans of guitar hero Buckethead are a respectful bunch, who sometimes get rewarded with toys, handshakes and even get invited on stage to perform.
But every now and then these “fans” have a little bit too much of grandpas hot sauce and get a lil' carried away. So today we're gonna take a look at these drunks facing off against the GOAT. So, Let's begin. Woo!!

(September 9th 2011 – Fan on stage, Richmond Virginia)
For most Buckethead fan's receiving a handshake or hug from the master would be a priceless gift. And sometimes all you need to do is ask.
But other times when the whiskey is flowing through their veins, idiots think they can jump the barricade, run onstage, shock the GOAT and get a handshake.
And although this shclub did get what he wanted, what happened to him afterwards was....tragic, but deserved.

(March 22nd 2012, Wilmington North Carolina)
Unfortunately the not so tragic demise of the previous idiot didn't put people off as less than 6 months later another dumb dumb was it.
Jumping onstage to shake his hand, Buckethead refused this fairies advances and instead gave him the death stare. Thankfully security along with P-sticks were quick enough to drag the hippy prick off stage and throw him right into oncoming traffic. Ah, you get what you deserve.

(May 26th 2016, Petersburg Florida)
And from a quadriplegic hippy to a 'hey everyone look at me' rastaman.
As Buckethead was laying into Welcome to Bucketheadland, this dough-boy thought he'd jump the barricade and do a stage-dive until P-sticks spoiled his fun and launched him right to the concrete floor.

Nope Cactus Jack isn't dead, but this moron is.

(March 2nd 2019, Scottsdale Arizona)
In 2019 Buckethead kicked off his tour playing back to back shows in Arizona. And on the 2nd night the people in attendance were greeted with this drunken cabbage patch bloated fool being rowdy in the venues pool, throwing a beachball on stage and just being an all around cock.
Thankfully there was no lifeguards on hand and this beach ball sank quicker than the titanic.

(The Devil & Dororthy)
From 1997 Buckethead seemed to have gotten lost somewhere in New York City and ended up being cornered by the Devil and Dorothy. Soon enough the overzealous Sarah Silverman look-a-like gets a little too frisky with our man Buckethead, eventually reaching for his uh... project little man.
No doubt Big B was a little hot under the bucket, but judging by the fact he released the footage himself, it seems he didn't feel too violated by Dorothy and her wandering mitts.

(Buckethead in London)
Next from 1998, Buckethead found himself at a bar in London UK doing robot dances and listening to a drunk guy babbling on about Elton John.
And whilst this guy was harmless enough, some other drunk comes around the corner and grabs ol' Buckethead by his plastic nose. Shitter. Thankfully as always Big B was in a good mood and chose to give the guy a handshake rather than a roundhouse kick to his annoying little face.

So if you ever get the chance to go to a Buckethead show, be respectful and you might just end up getting a toy, a handshake, a hug, an autograph or a twice in a lifetime opportunity. And if you're not respectful, you might just end up in the back of someones trunk, at the bottom of a lake or In a wheelchair. You've been warned.



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