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Natternet Music

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Mutant Ballroom (free download)

released May 26th 2024

Dance the Way Home NATTERNET MUSIC.jpg
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Dance the Way Home (free download)

Released May 12th 2024

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Flying B-Bomb (free download)

Released April 27th 2024

Buckethead Free Downloads

Below you'll find downloads for numerous Buckethead albums and tracks. These are offered as free downloads as they are now out-of-print and no longer available via any official sources, thus not affecting the artist and not contributing to any monetary loses.

Click the desired track to begin the download. Any track that does not contain a download link is either still available by an official source, protected through a song lease or DMCA protection. 

Please contact us with any request or if any links are broken, incorrect or disembodied!


1991 - Giant Robot Demo


Giant Robot 1991.jpg

Buckethead - Guitar, Bass [Pickin', Grinnin' and Slappin']
Bryan Brain Mantia — Drums [Bashin' and Bangin']


Recorded at Different Fur, San Francisco, California 1991

Howard Johnston - Recording
Matt Murman - Additional Recording
Pete Scaturro - Producer

1992 - 6 Strings Giant

Six Strings Giant.jpg

Live Buckethead solo show recorded July 8th 1992 in Tokyo, Japan. Released (unofficially) in 2003 by Metal Sword Records.

1996 - Day of the Robot

Day of the Robot.jpg

Buckethead - Guitar
Bill Laswell - Low Bass, Drums
DJ Ninj  - Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Rhythm Programming (2-5)

Released April 30th 1996

Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, California; Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York
Rhythm tracks for 2-5 created in the UK by Ninj
Mixed and mastered at Greenpoint Studio, Brooklyn, New York


Oz Fritz - Engineer (SF)
Mike Johnson  - Assistant Engineer (SF)
Robert Musso  - Engineer (NYC), Mastering
Anton Fier - Mastering
Bill Laswell  - Producer


Bryan Frankenseuss Theiss  - Front Cover Illustration of 'Buckethead No. 1'
Dave McKean @ Hourglass  - Design, Illustration, Photography
Buckethead - Photography [Source Photographs Supplied] 

1996 - Giant Robot (NTT)

1.   Jowls

2.   Giant Robot

3.   Hog Bitch Stomp
4.   Binge Buddies

5.   Sally

6.   I Love my Parents
7.   Idle Hands

8.   Well, Well, Well
9.   Scraps
10. Mrs Beasley
11. Scapula
12. The Void
13. Chicken Boy

1996 - USA CD Limited Edition - Front.jpg

Buckethead - Guitars, Bass [Pickin', Grinnin' and Slappin']
Bryan mantia aka Brain - Drums [Bashin' and Bangin']
Pete Scaturro - Keyboards, Programming [Bits and Bytes]

Released 1996 

Recorded and mixed at Mutron S.F; Different Fur Recording, San Francisco, California

Alpha Chimp - Engineer, Mixing
Howard Johnston - Engineer, Mixing
Pete Scaturro -  Producer

1997 - I Need 5 Minutes Alone

1997 - Japan CD Edition - Front with OBI__1658512012_175.158.53.209.jpg

Herbie  - Voice (1, 13), Vocals (3, 7)
Buckethead - Guitars, Bass, Cattle Prod
Bryan Brain Mantia  - Drums, Turntables

Nate aka Bobesett aka Tree - Rap (12)

Recorded at Tyrell Studios, Emeryville, California, March 11-16, 1996
released February 17 1997 (Japan) / July 2 1997 (US Import)


Steve "Extrakd" Freeman    - Recording, Engineer, Mixing
Bryan Mantia aka Brain    - Mixing
John Zorn  - Executive Producer
Kazunori Sugiyama   - Associate Executive Producer

Elizabeth Thomas   - Artwork, Design, Photography

2001 - Some Where Over the


2001 - USA 2LP Edition - Front-min.jpg

Buckethead — Guitars, Bass 
Brain   - Drums
P-Sticks - Couple Beats, Sonic Slaughter Tape Manipulations

Released June 5th 2001

Recorded in the kitchen at Pilo's Loft
Track 3 recorded at Travis Dickerson's Recording Studio. Some Guitars recorded there too.
Mastered at Travis Dickerson Recording Studio, Chatsworth, California

Travis Dickerson  - Mastering

P-Sticks   - Artwork

2002 - Bermuda Triangle

Buckethead - 2002 - Bermuda Triangle [Front].jpg

Buckethead  - Guitar, Bass
Extrakd  - MPC 3000 Bass, SH101 Turntable, SP808
Bobafett - Bass (16), clicker (11)
Brain - Drums (3)

Released July 23rd 2002 via Catalyst Entertainment

Recorded at Davey Jones' Locker

Extrakd - Mixing, Producer
Pale Ryder / Snow Peas - Executive Producer

P-Sticks - Graphics

2004 - Population Override

population override.jpg

Buckethead  - Guitar, Bass
Pinchface - Drums
Travis Dickerson  - Keyboards

Released April 6th 2004 via TDRS

Recorded at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios, Chatsworth, California

Travis Dickerson - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
Norman Isaacs - Executive Producer

Big D - Artwork [Concept]
Frankenseuss  - Cover Art, Photos

2004 - Cuckoo Clocks of Hell

Buckethead - 2004 - The Cuckoo Clocks Of Hell [Front].jpg

Buckethead - Guitar [Taxidermy, Embalming And Clock Repair]
Dan Monti   - Bass, Programming 
Brain   - Drums

Released April 20th 2004

Recorded at Buckethead's Coop and The Del Rey Brewer Factory
Mastered at the Mastering Lab, Ojai, California
Dan Monti - Engineer, Mixing, Producer
Robert Hadley   - Mastering

Bryan Thiess   - Artwork (@Frankenseuss Clockworks)
P-Sticks                     - Artwork [Inside portrait of library; Back Cover]

2005 - Gorgone

gorgone cover.jpg

1.   Enter Gorgone

2.   Siege

3.   Aftermath

Buckethead  - Guitar
Pinchface - Drums
Travis Dickerson  - Keyboards

Released July 26th 2005 via TDRS Music

Produced at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios, Chasworth, California

Travis Dickerson  - Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Producer

2007 - Cyborg Slunks

Buckethead - 2007 - Cyborg Slunks [Front]_11zon.jpg

Buckethead - Guitar [Cattleprods]
Albert  - Conductor of Slunk Percussion Ensemble

Released October 30th 2007 via TDRS

Guitars recorded at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios, Chatsworth, California

Travis Dickerson - Recording

P-Sticks - Artwork

2007 - Kevin's Noodle House

Brain And Buckethead - 2007 - Kevin's Noodle House [Front]_1_11zon.jpg

Buckethead - Guitar, Bass [Scallion Saw]
Brain - Electronic Drums [Leg Warmers], Beats [MPC]

P-Sticks - Artwork

Released October 30th 2007 via TDRS

2007 - Monolith


Buckethead as Death Cube K - Guitar, Sounds
Travis Dickerson - Keyboards, Sounds

Released December 17th 2007 via TDRS Music

Produced at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios, Chasworth, California

Travis Dickerson - Producer
Buckethead  - Producer

2008 - Bolt on Neck

Bolt on Neck cover.jpg

Buckethead  - Guitar
Mike Silverman aka That 1 Guy - Magic Pipe, Magic Saw, Magic Boots

Released September 17th 2008 (Tour only) then December 1st 2008 (TDRS)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Travis Dickerson Recording Studios, Chasworth, California

Travis Dickerson – Engineer, Mixing, Mastering, Producer
The Frankenstein Brothers - Producer

Travis Dickerson - Artwork [Design]

2010 - Brain as Hamenoodle

Brain as Hamenoodle.jpg

1.   Meet Hamen

2.   Brad P
3.   Door Handle

4.   Sunflower Seed

5.   One to Five

6.   Not Feelin It

Buckethead - Bass Slabs
Bryan Mantia aka Brain  - Drums

Released October 13th 2010 via TDRS

Live Cuts, Rarities & Wedges

live cuts n wedges.jpg

1.    Brazos
2.    Count Scapula
3.    Firebird
4.    Game of Death Theme
5.    John Merrick Lectures
6.    Planeta

7.    Ready to Die
8.    Remember
9.    Shackler
10.  Soowee
11.  Viva Voltron

12.  Beyond the Visable
13.  The Whispering Metals

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