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Brain remembers his Dad, Buckethead's Parents & his Paintings.

Have you seen the paintings Buckethead has been doing?

Oh yeah! I think back in the day I was the one who was driving him to get the canvasses. Even on this last tour we done, we'd stop off at this art store by Colma in California. We'd go to the cemetery there. We'd get a box of canvasses and he would draw them. I've always been a fan of his stuff.

He's never painted one for you and you've got it hanging or you've painted one for him?

No, not really. Buckethead always kept one that my Dad made. He was always a fan of my dad and my dad's art. I remember my dad told me to give a painting he'd done to Buckethead. And Buckethead fell in love with it. It was always hanging up in his house. That was cool. That always touched my heart that he enjoyed it. He got a long with my dad. That's why my dad is on Giant Robot.

Which part is he on Giant Robot?

He's at the beginning and does that little speech. I'm trying to think of the song.

You're testing my knowledge now too.

Yeah, its uh... it's my Dad talking at the beginning of... I forget which song.

Jowls? Well, well, well? Binge Buddies? Scraps? Oh, Chicken boy, I bet that's what it is!

Yeah!! Chicken boy, that's it.
He was always a fan. I love all those paintings Buckethead does. He's been doing that for a while and that's cool that he's doing all this stuff on his website now and being more active. You never know fans, he might be on social media soon.

Wow! That would blow peoples minds. And its like a good keepsake having your dad on that album too. Which is a great album.

Yeah Giant Robot was one of the first thing's we did.

Did you ever meet his mom and dad?

Yeah his dad was the greatest dude. He came to our old studio where we did the 'Hamenoodle' album with Buckethead and all the 'Regards' albums. All at the studio in Venice, California. And that was the last time I saw his dad. He came and we went shopping, we went to comic book shops up and down. We just hung out and had a great time. Ate some food. And I met his mom tons of times at his house and at the shows. I loved them, they were really nice people!


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