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Good evening everybody, a short time ago I posted a video about some nagging Unsolved Buckethead mysteries.
And I’m pleased to say that half of those mysteries have now been solved, thanks to our good friends In the bucket bot community. Woo.

First up was the so-called ‘unmasked’ photo displayed on Bucketheads website and shown during live shows. Well that image is taken from Alejandro jodorowsky’s 1970 western film ‘El Topo’. And the image of the director himself.
Samples from the film can also be heard numerous times during Buckethead’s Cobra Strike 2 album.

Next up, was the short but very awesome song that’s been on my hard drive for at least a decade labelled as ‘I’d rather be with you’.
Well that song was played once by buckethead on april 3rd 2004 in Chicago. Which I have to admit, it doesnt surprise me that it was 2004, because everything buckethead played that year was on another level. Even for Buckethead.

Pike 110
Next was the mystery of the person on the cover of pike 110, wall to wall cobwebs. When you invert  the image you can clearly see the face of a man, 3 times.
Well some eagle eyed trekkies out there identified the man as none other than captain kirk himself, mr William shatner.
And speaking of Star trek, shout out to our good friend tommy, who noticed that this buckethead painting seems to resemble a crying jean luc-picard. What you guys think?  Woo!!

The Toy
Next up was the toy given to buckethead in athens Georgia, 2011. Buckethead really loved that toy.
That toy is almost certainly, a limited edition 10 inch giant robot figure by medicom toys. We all know buckethead loves giant robot, and maybe he loves this toy more than the others because… his eyes glow. And we all know buckethead loves glowing eyes.

Movie clips
Then there’s the movie clips showing during buckethead latest music video ’10 31’. Many of the Bucket-bots out there identified the clips as being from the 1962 b-movie horror ‘the brain that wouldn’t die’.

Meanwhile the identity of this movie clip from bucketheads secret recipe dvd still remains unsolved along with a handful of other buckethead mysteries. So if you’re into that kind of thing, be sure to check out these videos and I’ll see you next time. Woo!



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