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Bryan 'Brain' Mantia tells a funny story about him & Buckethead being Dorks!

From Spirit Winds on Youtube, what are the Seven Laws of Woo?

That was Bernie Worrells thing. God bless Bernie, I miss him so much. I never really asked him. Maybe nobody will know now.

Yeah I don't think he ever revealed it.

Yeah! I'd love to be able to answer that, I never asked him. We would play it every-time we played. But, that was Bernie's thing. I think he wanted to keep it to himself. God man, he was the greatest.

Next question from Feno Sky on Facebook, do you have any stories or memories of making 'Big Eyeball in the Sky' with Buckethead, Bernie & Les Claypool? Another Bernie project.

Yeah, yeah. I have a story thats kinda funny, I don't if I've told this before so you'll have to forgive me if I have. I remember we were driving in a van after one of the C2B3 gigs that we did or it might have been when we were recording the album. Because we were staying in one of Les' houses, driving up there to a recording.

I like how you said “houses” (more than one)

Yeah, yeah. He has a couple of them yeah. He said we could stay there. And there was this girl driving us and she was wearing this skirt. And Buckethead and I were so into the music, like 'oh we're here with Bernie'. We were in the back and Bernie was in the passenger seat and she was driving this van.
And Buckethead we talking about recording and all the parts we should do and we were like 'this is so cool. In this part we should do this'. We were like two dork, geeks. And here's Bernie who's done everything and his whole life has been funkadelic and he's seen it all and done it all. And I remember he turned around and pointed to her beautiful leg and said “fuck music! That's music!”. And Buckethead and I felt so stupid.

Like a couple of dorks.

Yeah, like dorks! Even though Bernie knows more about music than you could ever know. He was a genius. You could throw a rock against the wall and he could tell you what pitch it was in and write a song from it or play seven songs in that key from other bands. He was just the heaviest. And that's why, because he's like “what the fuck are you dorks talking about. That's music!”

Yeah that's a classic, I love that!

Yeah its a good story.


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