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These are a list of Buckethead FAQ printed to Buckethead's official website from 1998 to 2004

01) Who is Buckethead?

Buckethead is the masked, inverted KFC bucket wearing, "mutant guitar virtuoso" that stunned audiences during Primus's set at OzzFest '99, toured the world with Praxis and GR2, joined Guns n’ Roses in 2000 and has graced many a movie soundtrack/score.  His major label debut as a member of the avant-funk outfit Praxis in 1992 opened ears and minds to his unique character and musical stylings. He has since released several solo albums (under his name and Death Cube K) and participated in many group settings (including, but not limited to, the Deli Creeps, Praxis, Zillatron, Giant Robot, Giant Robot 2, Thanatopsis, El Stew and Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie’s Brains) and performed/recorded numerous collaborations with other adventurous musicians and artists.

There has been much speculation as to the identity of Buckethead. We do know that he was raised in a chicken coop by chickens. And possibly due to the unusual circumstances surrounding his upbringing, he is a very private person. He doesn't grant many interviews, and shuns most conventional means of contact. The mask and bucket add an eerie air of mystery to his activities and serve as a harbinger for his otherworldly musical stylings and sensibilities. He would prefer that his fans accept his eccentricities, focus on his art and enjoy the wonderland of joy that is Bucketheadland.

He draws inspiration from science-fiction and horror movies, musicians, artists, writers, athletes and has a bizarre fixation on Disneyland. His dream is to complete his own park--Bucketheadland, "Where all your dreams and nightmares can come true." This theme runs through many of his recordings and was first introduced to the public through his
Psychobuddy columns in Guitar Player magazine back in 1991.

02) Oh, really…I bet he’s really someone famous incognito…Isn’t Buckethead really [insert suspected person(s) here] in disguise???
"Okay, rattle ‘em off!  …No…nope…huh uh…negatory…no…sorry…not a chance…aww, c’mon try a little harder…no…nope." (Buckethead is just Buckethead, k?)

03) What albums has Buckethead released?

Buckethead has released and participated in a wide range of albums throughout his career. This list is just a sample. Hop on the Terror Tram for some recommended discographical information destinations.

Bucketheadland (1992 Avant)
Giant Robot (1994 Sony Japan)
The Day of the Robot (1996 Sub Meta)
Colma (1998 Cyber Octave)
Monsters and Robots (1999 Cyber Octave/Higher Octave Music/Virgin)
Giant Robot (2000 Cyber Octave/Higher Octave Music/Virgin)*
Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse (2001 Stray Records)
KFC Skinpiles (2001 Gonnervil)
Funnel Weaver (2002 Ion Records)
Bermuda Triangle (2002 Catalyst Entertainment)
Electric Tears (2002 Meta Records)
Bucketheadland 2 (2003 Ion Records)
Coo Coo Clocks from Hell (2003 Catalyst Entertainment)
Super Diorama Theater (2003 Catalyst Entertainment)

*This is the US Release of Giant Robot that was originally only available as an import from Sony Japan.

With Death Cube K:
Dreamatorium (1994 Strata)
Disembodied (1997 Ion)
Tunnel (2000 Ion)

With Praxis:
Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) (1992 Axiom)
Sacrifist (1994 Subharmonic)
Metatron (1995 Subharmonic)
Transmutation Live (1998 Douglas)
Collection (1998 Douglas)
Warzsawa (2001 InnerRhythmic)

With Giant Robot:
s/t (1996 NTT Records)

With Zillatron (aka Bootsy):
Lord of the Harvest (1993 Black Arc/Rykodisc)

With Cobra Strike:
13th Scroll (1999 Ion)
y,y+b,x+y<hold>left (aka Cobra Strike II) (2000 Ion)

With Arcana (Tony Williams):
Arc of the Testimony (1997 Axiom)

With Ben Wa:
Devil Dub (1999 Black Hole Records)

With phonosychographDISK:
Turbulence Chest Live at Slims (1999 ALCA Japan)

With Corn Bugs:
Spot the Psycho (1999)
Cemetery Pinch (2001)
How Now Brown Cow? (2001)

With Deli Creeps:
New Stuff  (1996 Cassette Demo)
New CD due in 2003

With Thanatopsis:
s/t (2001
2 (due 2003

With Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie’s Brains

With Various Artists:
Valis II – Everything Must Go (Ion)

With El Stew:
s/t (aka No Hesitation) (1999 OM)
The Rehearsal (2003 Catalyst Entertainment/Buckethead’s


04) Giant Robot (1994 Sony Japan)? Giant Robot (1996 NTT)? Giant Robot (2000 Cyber Octave/Higher Octave Music/Virgin)? Giant Robot 2?…. I’m confused!!! Help!!!

Well it’s really pretty simple. The late '60s Japanese TV show Giant Robot is a huge influence on the Bucketed One. Ever since he was a young coop dweller, taking in movies at the drive-in theater behind his coop for eggs, Buckethead has looked to Giant Robot for inspiration. You’ll notice Giant Robot in almost everything he does:

Giant Robot the solo album
the solo album entitled Giant Robot (released initially in Japan in 1994 and then re-released in 2000 in the USA sans the comic insert).

Giant Robot the band
Giant Robot was also the name of a band with Brain and Pete Scaturro. They played some gigs and released the self-titled Giant Robot CD on a small label, NTT. That band broke up after Brain joined Primus.

Giant Robot 2 the band
Buckethead moved on and formed Giant Robot 2 (aka GR2). This incarnation included Pinchface on drums, Louie on Bass and T-Disc (now known as Phonosycographdisk) on turntables. They toured a lot, but never released a proper album.

Giant Robot the ride
There is also a popular ride in Bucketheadland based on the Giant Robot TV show. It is located in Robotland south of the Robotland Factory.

the Giant Robot theme song
is also a staple of Buckethead's live shows and has shown up on many of his recordings including Bucketheadland (twice including a remix), the first Praxis album Transmutation, and even the album Giant Robot by the band Giant Robot not be confused with the album Giant Robot not by the band Giant Robot.

05) That is all 100% clear and concise, but, uh, what is Giant Robot NTT again?

"NTT" refers to the tiny label that released the self-titled album from the band Giant Robot. The band Giant Robot consisted of Buckethead, Brain and Pete Scaturro. This is considered by many to be one of Buckethead’s best albums, but few were printed so it is difficult to find an original without paying sky-high e-bay prices. The song "Jowls" was later re-recorded for Monsters and Robots, while "Hog Bitch Stomp" became a staple of Buckethead’s live performances.

06) How do I get a copy of Giant Robot (1996 NTT)?

Due in part to the difficulty of clearing the samples, there are no plans to re-issue this album. Fortunately there are many kind souls on the Bucketboard willing to make copies in exchange for blanks and postage, and originals do turn up on auction sites from time to time.

07) What does Buckethead sound like?

Buckethead's musical stylings range from raw-power riffing and hyper-speed metal licks to idyllic, yet edgy chordal passages and heartrending melodic lines. His music is very difficult to categorize because each release tends to have its own flavor and context. Heavy Metal, Funk and Hip Hop styles figure formidably in the mix, but he's not limited to the cliches of those genres. He's equally at home chicken pickin' country or re-creating the sound of a roller coaster with his guitar.
Compositionally speaking, many of his tunes are initially conceived to be soundtracks for rides at his theme-park--Bucketheadland. Brutal, grinding rhythms suddenly give way to serene floating passages, like you're inside a video game or experiencing an out of this world thrill ride.

08) Does Buckethead have any formal musical training?

Buckethead has cited lessons with Paul Gilbert, classical guitar lessons, Nicolas Slonimsky's book Thesaurus of Scales and Melodic Patterns, instructional books and videos (by Steve Trovato, Danny Gatton and Albert Lee), and the writings and works of Glenn Gould as major points of his musical studies. And in an interview in the Wire by James Rotondi: "I’m actually much more interested in the way athletes train than the way musicians do," says Buckethead, who finds musicians’ tawdry drug histories more tragic than mythic. "I love when people are at the top of their game. Jordan has all the money he could possibly need, but his drive to win is still the main thing. A lot of people lose that. He really lives it."

09) How old is Buckethead?

By most accounts he is in his late 20s/early 30s.

10) Where is Buckethead from?

In lieu of joining Giant Robot in space, Buckethead and Maximum Bob or Throatrake (the details are unclear) left their backwoods stomping grounds in Arkansas ("where the river flows wide and the river flows small") for Cali-forn-i-a, and never looked back (except maybe once…something about "a femur" and "bar-b-que").

11) When did Buckethead join Guns n’ Roses? Why???

Buckethead joined Guns n’ Roses in 2000 when singer Axl Rose gave him a Leatherface doll for Christmas. It is reported that he signed his contract at Disneyland. Later the band built him a chicken coop to record in.

12) I read that Guns n’ Roses cancelled a tour allegedly due to an illness of Buckethead…is he better now?

He really was sick, but he has gotten better. Rumors that he was training any army of young Bucketheads to replace him have not been confirmed. See the song "Night of the Ulcer" on Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse for more information.

13) Was it Buckethead or Death Cube K that I saw at that show?

Why? Did you notice anything peculiar??? Perhaps the pirary properties of Infra-Ultrapolation disjointing in a splayed out manner?? This is very disturbing. One time there was…gorey head stump…pin feathers…augmented wedges…disembodied…Oh, the horror. 

14) Does Buckethead allow taping and trading of shows?

So far it doesn’t seem to bother him.

15) What are Buckethead's influences?

Buckethead has cited Michael Jackson, Paul Gilbert, Shawn Lane, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bootsy Collins, Angus Young (AC/DC), Django Reinhardt and Bruce Lee as major inspirations as well as the experience of playing with Bill Laswell, Bernie Worrell, John Zorn, the Invisibl Skratch Piklz and other artists with whom he has played and collaborated. He also finds inspiration in books ("magic" is a favorite topic), magazines (Guitar Player, Creepy, Eerie), movies (Voyage into Space, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Golem, Captain EO, Halloween), TV shows (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Gumby, the Classic Sports Channel), video games (Mario Bros., Ghouls n’ Ghosts, Mortal Kombat…), athletes (most notably Michael Jordan), and Disneyland.

16) Was Buckethead the guitarist on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV theme?

No. The songs from the TV show are credited "performed by Aaron Waters."

Buckethead did play a solo on Graeme Revell's song "Firebird," which appeared on the soundtrack album to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. It was also released as the B-side for Shampoo’s single "Trouble" off of the soundtrack. That was Buckethead's only contribution and he was disappointed by the offensive portrayal of giant robots in the film.

The rumor that Buckethead played the theme song seems to have stemmed from some mislabelled MP3s on Kazaa.

17) I’m new to Buckethead, what album(s) should I start with?

I would suggest starting with the easiest for you to find. Any of the albums that you can get your hands on from FAQ #2 should get you started nicely.

18) What is Buckethead’s best selling album?

Monsters and Robots is his best selling solo album, although there were no figures available at this writing. Some of the smaller labels press between 500 and 5,000 at a time.

19) Does Buckethead endorse any products?

Buckethead appeared in ads for Jackson guitars during his Monsters and Robots album and tour. He prefers the older style KFC buckets and Disneyland merchandise that does not include the newer "Disneyland Resort" designation. This FAQ contains a listing the musical and grave robbing equipment he uses.

20) What musical equipment does Buckethead use?

Guitars: Jackson Flying V, Steinberger GS (aka "Kaiser’s Gift"), ESP MII, Gibson Chet Atkins, Ibanez X-Series Flying V, Takamine Acoustic, '59 Les Paul Custom (used on some Laswell-related projects), Parker Fly, Gibson SG. ’69 Gibson Les Paul Custom (used on the Cobra Strike and Viggo Mortensen projects recorded at Travis Dickerson Recording Studio), oversized white Gibson custom made Les Paul.

Amplifiers: Peavey Reknown, misc. Marshall & Mesa Boogie heads, a Matt Wells head, Harry Kolbe Cabinets, Diezel amps, Peavey 5150.

Effects: Roland SE 50, Rocktron Intellifex, Rockman, a Zoom multi effects unit, Alesis Midiverb II, Lexicon JamMan, A wah wah, Electro Harmonix Micro Synthesizer, Pro Co Rat, Digitech Whammy Pedal, and many other assorted pedals, Misc Toys.

Other: D’Addario .009 guage strings for electric gtr. Amp Farm amp simulator plug in for Pro Tools (on Cobra Strike, Thanatopsis and Deli Creeps).

21) What graverobbing equipment does Buckethead use?

Shovels and picks: Ames Kodiak label round point with custom engraved 48" wooden D handle – size 2, antique ditchmaster – rusted over label, heavyweight pick/mattock combo american hickory handle with cushion-grip.

Bags and wrapping: custom burlap sack, U-line 55 gallon round bottom drum liners, Kraft 36" white butcher paper.

Other: rusty oil drum, various aprons, Giant Robot dolls (various sizes and makes), Fun 4 All Corp. "talking" Michael Meyers doll with custom mask, vintage 1969 KFC bucket.

Disclaimer: Bucketheadland does not condone graverobbing outside of the Bucketheadland Cemetery.

22) Is there any Buckethead guitar/bass tablature available?

The following Psychobuddy columns from Guitar Player are available 

23) What bands or artists has Buckethead recorded/performed with?

This ever increasing list includes Deli Creeps, Henry Kaiser, Bill Laswell, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, Praxis, Herbie, Jonas Hellborg, Michael Shrieve, MCM and the Monster, Tony Williams (w/ Arcana), Giant Robot, Giant Robot 2 (aka GR2), Parliament-Funkadelic, Primus, Zillatron, Death Cube K, Painkiller, John Zorn, Company Week '91, Anton Fier, Julian Schnabel, Invisibl Skratch Piklz, Buckshot LeFonque, Bill Moseley, Michael Kamen, George S. Clinton, Pieces (Buckethead and Brain), Cobra Strike, Viggo Mortensen, El Stew, Ben Wa, Mike Keneally, Iggy Pop, Banyan, phonosychographDISK, DJ QBERT, William Ackerman, Jon Hassell and Bluescreen, Wingnut, DJ Kilmore (Incubus), Moonraker (w/ Mike Patton & DJ Flare), Guns N’ Roses, Colonel Claypool’s Bucket of Bernie’s Brains, Cajun Fried Recipe (w/Rob Wasserman, Mike Clark, Ben Ellman, Brian Jordan, & DJ LOGIC)

24) Who are the Deli Creeps?

The Deli Creeps are Buckethead's first band that gained notoriety in the SF Bay area. Mike Patton (Faith No More/Mr. Bungle/Tomahawk) was once quoted in Rolling Stone as saying, "They're so good they piss me off."
Maximum Bob-Vocals

There are some amazing bootlegs/demos floating around. A long form video to the band is available through the coop. There is a full length studio album in the works, at the time of this writing they have been playing a series of gigs with a new bassist named Bockles sitting in for Cousin Tony who lives in Florida now.

25) I see a lot about a fella named Herbie…who is he?

The following expose is courtesy of the Bucketheadland Historical Society:
"…the answer to your question is more complicated than you might expect because there is more than one possible correct answer.

1. Herbie the dummy. One of Buckethead’s best friends growing up was a dummy named Herbie. This Herbie can be glimpsed in some of Buckethead’s earliest home videos. He is also referred to in at least one of Buckethead’s "Psychobuddy" columns that ran in Guitar Player magazine.

2. Herbie the robot. On Buckethead’s first album Bucketheadland, we meet Herbie who is a bucketbot. Bootsy describes him as "Buckethead’s buddy." He makes sounds reminiscent of (but not identical to) R2D2. One theory is that Herbie the dummy transforms into Herbie the robot the moment he sets foot in Bucketheadland.

3. Herbie the severed head. Sometimes during performances Buckethead carries a yellow skinned talking severed head who has been called Herbie. This head has actually spoken on behalf of Buckethead on a Japanese TV show called Space Shower TV and more recently on MTV. The MTV interview (conducted in Tacoma, WA by Kurt Loder) is possibly still available online.

Herbie has been credited as an assistant or vocalist on some of Buckethead’s recordings. It is unclear which of these Herbies above (if any) this refers to."

26) Who is Death Cube K?

The story goes that Death Cube K is an anagram for Buckethead coined by Tom "Doc" Darter. Buckethead assumed this identity so he could release a solo record (Dreamatorium on Strata) while his contract with Sony was in dispute. It has since stuck and become an alias for Buckethead to release his edgy ambient albums.

Many believe, however, that Death Cube K is a separate entity that looks like a photographic negative version of Buckethead with a "black chrome mask, like Darth Vader." This apparition haunts Buckethead and appears in his nightmares.

Writer William Gibson borrowed the name in his novel Idoru (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1996). He entitled the first chapter of the book Death Cube K, which, in the book, is a bar in Japan with a theme based on Franz Kafka's In the Penal Colony. Nice place to visit, but you shouldn't get drunk there.

27) Which monsters and robots has Buckethead battled?

Unfortunately there are no readable records of robot battles in Bucketheadland. However, Buckethead is believed to have fought and defeated Bansheebot, Aquabot, Double Man and Tekadon D. He has also sparred with Slipdisc henchthings such as Centipede Woman, Broiler and Chickenhawk as well as the Haddonfield killer Michael "The Shape" Meyers.

28) What soundtracks/scores has Buckethead played on?

Last Action Hero (soundtrack and score)
Mortal Kombat (soundtrack and score)
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: The Movie (soundtrack)
Beverly Hills Ninja (score)
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (score)
Dragon Ball Z  (soundtrack)
All-American Massacre (score to unreleased short)
Shackler’s Revenge (score to lost film)
John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars (soundtrack and score)
Flesh for the Beast (soundtrack)

29) Where is the sample in [insert song] from?

Samples from movies include Voyage into Space (aka Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Enter the Dragon, A Clockwork Orange, Tetsuo the Iron Man, Blue Velvet, Naked Lunch, The Hills Have Eyes, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Mad Max, Sling Blade, Death Race 2000, El Topo, Chopper…He has also used various talking books and video games.

30) What songs does Buckethead cover?

Theme from Giant Robot. Theme from Godzilla. "Mr Sandman." "Oh Susannah." Various Disney themes including "A Pirate's Life for Me," "It's a Small World" and "When You Wish Upon A Star." "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka. "Michael Myers Theme" from Halloween. Themes from Star Wars. "Close to You" by the Carpenters.

31) I bought season passes to Bucketheadland, but before we even went through the entrance my kid started crying and we had to go home. Can I get my money back?

"We're sorry, we don't offer cash refunds at Bucketheadland. But, as a token of our appreciation, here are coupons for your entire family that are redeemable at The Cantina for a free small soft drink and Giant Robot pendant upon your next visit!"

32) What videos have been released?

The video for "The Ballad of Buckethead," directed by Dave McKean, was released in conjunction with Monsters and Robots (1999 CyberOctave).
The "Animal Behavior" video from Praxis Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) was aired on MTV Amp #113. It is also included on Binge Clips Vol. 2.

The "If 6 was 9" video from Axiom Funk (featuring Bootsy Collins) is rumored to have been played domestically on BET and has a Buckethead appearance (he plays the intro to the song).

The Binge Clips series available from Buckethead's Toy Store features Buckethead and his pals in his different projects in performance and at play.

Various cameo appearances include: Brain’s Shredding Repis on the Gnar Gnar Rad drum instruction video and DVD (Warner Bros.), "Give Up the Funk" (Undercova Funk) video by Snoop Dogg featuring Bootsy Collins, and Q Bert’s animated film Wave Twisters.

He recorded tracks for John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars, and you can witness it on the DVD’s featurette "Scoring Ghosts of Mars".
Secret Recipe, Buckethead’s first DVD, will be a 13-year pile of highlights including live performances, home videos, most of the music videos listed above, exhaustive galleries and discographies, and many exciting accessories and action features. As of this writing it is nearly complete and slated for a late summer release from Catalyst Entertainment.

33) Does Buckethead have any hobbies?

Taxidermy, Sports, Martial Arts (Nunchukas), breakdancing (robot-style), video games, and visiting Disneyland. He has been there over 500 times. "I like Disneyland. I want to be buried there--parts of me in It's a Small World, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean, plus parts in Tokyo Disneyland, Euro Disneyland, and Florida Disney World. There are enough bones to go around."

34) When is Buckethead Plays Disney going to be released?

This highly anticipated album, once listed in an Avant catalog, has yet to be completed. It is Buckethead's most precious personal project so he won't record or release it until he knows he is ready. It is slated for release sometime before the burial ritual described in question #33.

35) Is there really a Texas Chainsaw Massacre video game, as mentioned on "Last Train to Bucketheadland"?

Yes, it was developed for the Atari 2600 by Wizard Video Games, who were also responsible for a Halloween video game. But in this case the player gets to be Leatherface!

36) Was that the Bucketheadland ferris wheel I saw tipping over on TV?

No. The mainstream media remains blissfully unaware of Bucketheadland and its "accidents".

37) What is Buckethead’s all time favorite recording?

It’s a Disney album, The Main Street Electrical Parade. He also has mentioned liking Wu-Tang Clan and the Chemical Brothers.

38) When will Buckethead come to [insert your geographical area here]?

Unfortunately Buckethead is only one man and can only be in one place at a time. His travels have taken him all over the world but he spends most of his time in the state of California. He’ll try to make it to your neck of the woods before you die and we promise to post tour information whenever it happens.

39) What is that really fast song I heard him play during his solo show?

If it was sort of spacey it may have been "Big Sur Moon" from the album Colma. If it was a raucous hootenanny kind of sound it was probably "Hog Bitch Stomp" from the Giant Robot NTT album.

40) Does Buckethead use any nonstandard guitar tunings?

Buckethead primarily relies on the standard tuning, and variations thereof (i.e., down one half step). Some of the Deli Creeps stuff may be tuned down even lower to accommodate vocals. Some of what you may think of as a detuned guitar may actually be a distorted bass guitar

41) What is that special button on Buckethead’s guitar?

That special button is a "Kill Switch" that enables Buckethead to turn his guitar on/off like a DJ would do through a mixer.

42) What is "Kaiser’s Gift"?

"Kaiser’s Gift" is the Steinberger GS that was given to Buckethead by renowned experimental guitarist/composer Henry Kaiser (Yes, he is related to that Henry J. Kaiser).  Mr. Kaiser was quite impressed with Bucket, and he asked Buckethead to play on his Hope You Like Our New Direction (1991 Reckless Records). Bucketheadland held a contest in 2002 to pass this beloved guitar that was used on The Praxis Transmutation CD to a worthy youngster.

43) Who was the "Kaiser’s Gift" contest winner?

Admin Rupert Pupkin posted to the Bucketboard that a winner was chosen, but was unreachable. The winner of "Kaiser’s Gift" has yet to be officially announced as of this writing.
Natternet note: The winner was tracked down to be 'Oriongenocide' (a channel on Youtube that as of 2022 has been dormant for over a decade and unreachable)

44) Why wasn’t the comic book from the Giant Robot (1994 Sony Japan) included in the domestic release?
Rumour has it that Buckethead didn’t like it. For a better idea of Buckethead’s idea of Bucketheadland, get your hands on a copy of the Dave Mckean comic that was released in conjunction with Monsters and Robots or just have a look-see around

45) What are the lyrics for "Binge and Grab?"

This question is brought about by the instrumental version on Giant Robot (1994 Sony Japan & 2000 Cyber Octave/Higher Octave Music/Virgin) CD. It was originally a Deli Creeps song; a live version appears on the self-released Deli Creeps video, but the lyrics are hard to decipher.

46) Why are some of the Buckethead/Death Cube K/Praxis tracks found on miscellaneous compilations?

The people that own the rights to the Subharmonic/Strata releases have regurgitated some previously released tracks on to new compilations. These should probably be avoided due to dubious quality, and the musicians and artists involved no longer receive any compensation.

47) How do I get a Subharmonic/Strata release?

They are all out of print, and some of them that are still around may be of inferior quality if they are not from the initial pressings. Listen before you buy.

48) Why is 1984 so different from other Praxis albums?

The labeling of 1984 is misleading. It is actually a repackaging of the Material 12" Praxis, originally released in 1984 on Celluloid Records. Buckethead does not appear on this recording.

49) What happened to the rumored project with Rammelzee?

This project, initially conceived by Bill Laswell, turned into the Praxis Sacrifist album that was released on Subharmonic. Laswell saw the direction it was taking and at the suggestion of John Zorn called it a Praxis project. A Rammelzee inspired project called Altered Beats did come out on Axiom some time later, but Buckethead wasn't on it.

50) I have a copy of Praxis’ Sacrifist and I think its f’ed up…

If it runs as one long track, and near the end Lightnin’ Rod’s Hustler’s Convention starts playing erratically you definitely do have a version from a pressing that was tampered with.

The legitimate copy of Sacrifist has a four panel jewel-case insert with the artist/title in gold. Artwork takes up both inside panels with a landscape layout. Text is the aligned to the right side and includes the song titles, writing credits, and the cast of the album along with production credits. The CD tray is black. The back cover has the song titles, cast of the album in a gold color.

In at least one pressing, the bogus copy has a four panel jewel-case insert, but in contrast, looks darker. The artist/title is in white. Inside panel two has the cover art with a purplish stripe through the upper middle. Panel three has the song credits but is less detailed. The CD tray is clear with a white liner. The back cover of the bogus CD has the song list, cast of the album and the distinctive "Realization by John Matarazzo" underneath the producer credit.

51) Where is Buckethead playing next?

Buckethead shows are announced at the (link changed for 2022)

52) Has Buckethead won any awards?

He regularly placed in the top three in the "Best Experimental Guitarist" category when Guitar Player magazine held its annual readers poll and was named one of the "Top 30 Trailblazers" by the same magazine in the January 1997 issue. In the April 2003 issue of Guitar One Buckethead was named among the "Top 10 Fastest Shredders of All Time" with the likes of Yngwie, Shawn Lane, Paul Gilbert and others.

53) Does Buckethead have any special powers to battle monsters and robots?

Buckethead harnesses the spirits of all the slain and martyred chickens through the chicken bucket on his head. Without it he is helpless.

Buckethead has many special weapons and tactics for battling the monsters and robots in Bucketheadland. 

54) Why does my copy of Zillatron have 8 Tracks when there are 9 listed on the liner notes? Am I missing something?

No. "C.B.I. Files" and "Bugg Lite" were (mistakenly?) indexed as one track instead of two, causing the discrepancy between the CD and the track listing.

55) Has Buckethead recorded with Shawn Lane?

Shawn Lane is a huge influence on Buckethead's playing style. They played some shows together, most notably in 1997 at the Wetlands NYC, in which Shawn Lane did a powerful and spot on vocal performance on "Jowls". Mr.Lane passed away in late September 2003 after a long illness. It is unclear as to whether any recordings of Buckethead and his hero Shawn will surface in the future.

Upon the news of his passing Buckethead had this to say:
"I feel very lucky for the Few moments i got to spend with him and they are very special memories. He was by far the greatest guitar player that ever lived. More importantly, he was a great man."

56) Did Trey Spruance (Mr Bungle/Secret Chiefs 3) really sit in on bass at a Deli Creeps gig?

Yes, he filled in on bass at one show. Back in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s the Deli Creeps shared stages with the likes of Mr Bungle, the Limbomaniacs and Primus in the SF area.

57) Did Buckethead really audition for the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

Yes. One journalist’s account reported that the lead singer picked Buckethead up at the airport and found out that Buckethead had not heard any of their tunes. The audition proceeded anyway, and Buckethead played in his inimitable fashion (i.e., robot dance, hyper-metal licks etc...). When he finished the band applauded raucously. Flea confirmed that they auditioned BH saying that he was "sweet and normal," but they wanted someone "...who could also kick a groove."

58) Does Buckethead do any drugs?

59) Is the Slaughter Zone…safe?

I’ve been assured by the Assistant Turnstile Sharpener, and a grunt-bot from the Bolt Loosener Dept., that every ride is almost certain to go off the tracks at some point. So, you have nothing worry about.

60) What are the "Personalized Recordings" that I read about?

For a short time in 1999 Buckethead made an unusual offer to individually record albums for fans. The Bucketboard post announcing the offer was as follows:

"For any of you who want, Buckethead will make personalized recordings. The chicken coop has  holes in the roof and the chickens are getting angry there will be different binge catagories  each recording is a half hour long but has no indexed tracks the catagories are...

(1) Slaughterhouse which will be creepy horror  like sounds over fast beats
(2) Lullabies for the dead in the style of Colma
(3) D.J. binge using breakbeat records with disembodied guitar over the top indicate if you want slappin' bass binge with that
(4) Halloween sound track for your next halloween
(5) binge buddy recordings with Maximum Bob just going off

requests within these catagories are welcomed but please dont be disappointed if they are not met... carpal tunnel acts up at all hours
the price is $50.00 for each recording send your disembodied catagory request and payment to:

(offer no longer valid)

we hope this is a fun bag for all the buddies"

Buckethead made a handful of these personalized recordings, and may even still owe recordings to a few fans. There are no plans to ever repeat this offer.

61) What articles/information is available?

The most authoritative article appeared in the November 1996 issue of Guitar Player magazine. It is a ten page feature written by James Rotondi, which also includes an in-depth lesson which unmasks elements of Buckehead's guitar style, written by Rotondi and Jesse Gress.

62) Are there any bootlegs available?

Yes, there are some shows available for trading among tape traders.

63) Can somebody burn me a copy of [insert title]?

Maybe, but if you can’t find [insert title] locally, you might try checking online stores and auction sites. In the days of the internet it’s not as hard to find obscure, out of print albums as it used to be. Don’t you want the real album?

64) Why does Beck have the bucket for his head pixeled out in the video for his Loser song?

You’ve got the wrong FAQ, fella. But this question does bring to mind an article in Vanity Fair in which Beck detailed some of his favorite album covers. One of them was the 1977 John Cale album Guts which Beck said "reminds me of Buckethead" because it showed Cale playing a flying-V wearing a goalie mask.

65) Hey!!! I kept getting hit by wild pitches at the Home Run Derby!! I thought that it was supposed to be virtual!!…
"Ohh…was that you???…sorry."

66) Does Buckethead belong to, or practice, any particular religion?

In the Ballad of Buckethead song we learned that he is "the bastard son of a preacher man," but after that details just get sketchier.

67) I want to be Buckethead for Halloween. How do I get started?

Well, some folks think ya need a mask, but other folks don’t see one a’tall. If’n you do get one o’ them white featureless masks, be sure to cut out a hole for the mouf.

68) What is Bucketheadland?

Bucketheadland is Buckethead's own theme park, "Where all your dreams and nightmares can come true." For more information, please visit the park's official web site,

The Buckethead FAQ 2.0 was Scrounged (compiled), Flailed (written), and Mangled by Robert White with help from the following people and entities:
Buckethead, Bryan Frankenseuss Theiss (Webbifications, Illustrations, Flailing and Manglement-torial Assistance), Hostbot Guide, Admin Rupert Pupkin, Greg Mandile, David Sebba, Articles from Guitar Player (Joe Gore and James Rotondi), Musician (Matt Resnicoff), the Wire (James Rotondi), and Guitar Shop (Pete Prown), Travis Dickerson, Throatrake, Pinchface, Frank Booth, Metatron (Wake The Dead), Leatherface (The Saw Is Family), the Bucketheadland Historical Society, Mike & Sherry C., Bruce and Downtown, Johnny Sokko and Giant Robot.

NOTE: This document is intended as a collection of all known facts about the chicken boy. Passages pertaining to Buckethead's life represent the current scientific and anthropological consensus among leading experts. All theories are subject to change upon discovery of new evidence.

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