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10 Crazy Difficult Guitar Licks by Buckethead (Non-Pike Edition)

Good evening everybody, if you joined us for our pikes edition of this video you'll know just how insane of a guitar master Buckethead is.
And today we're gonna ramp up the insanity with some non-pike Buckethead licks, that only 0.001% of you can actually play, earning you a badge of honor, and a bunch of trolls who say you have “no emotion”. Silly bastards.

1) Burlap Curtain – Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse
First up, a double dose of vintage Buckethead licks, with some glorious sweeping, followed by some 8 finger nubs.

2) Random Killing – Dawn of the Deli Creeps
Next, faultless speed and tapping like only Buckethead can do. Its Random Killing from Dawn of the Deli Creeps.

3) 7th Hall / 6th Door – Cobra Strike 13th Scroll
Next up, from Cobra Strike's 13th Scroll is some more glorious signature sweeping from our guitar hero, with 7th Hall 6th Door.

4) 8 Diagram Pole Fighter – I Need 5 Minutes Alone
Next up, turn the amp to 11, turn the distortion up, throw in some delay and count the notes per second. Its 8 Diagram Pole Fighter.

5) Binge Buddies – Giant Robot NTT
Next, from the 1996 holy grail album Giant Robot NTT. It's one of many awesome licks that close out the song Binge Buddies.

6) Traitors Gate – Cobra Strike II
Next up, an insane shred sequence from an insane shred song. Frets on fire, it's Traitors Gate. Good luck.

7) Disembodied II – From the Coop
Next, we're going old school with some teenage Buckethead, sweeping on the gloriously glorious song Disembodied Part 2.

8) The Cobra's Head – Bucketheadland 2
Next, give yourself a repetitive strain injury with Cobra's Head from Bucketheadland 2.

9) Yellowed Hide – The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell
Next, from one of Buckethead's heaviest and most insane albums, the Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, its some sweeping and tapping action from Yellowed Hide.

10) Park Theme – Bucketheadland
And what better way to close than one of Buckethead's fastest sequences from his debut album Bucketheadland. It's the Park Theme. Glorious.


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