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Is THAT Buckethead story just some GNR Lies??? 
Good evening everybody, today we’ll take a look at a Buckethead story that’s been spread around for many years and ask, is it just some GNR Lies? Woo!! 
The Story was first published in 2008, told by former Guns N Roses and Motley Crue A&R guy Tom Zutaut, who served as GNR’s A&R guy for a second time, during Buckethead’s stint with the band. 
It begins with a dumb, fictitious story about Buckethead getting mad and swearing because he saw a KFC outlet getting blown up on the news. Which, providing no people were hurt, Buckethead would probably celebrate a KFC getting blown up, not get mad.  
It then continues with a long spiel about how Tom Zutaut rescued Axl Roses marriage, and how the ‘new’ GNR called him up and begged him to come back and rescue the band. Because, in his words, they said he was the only one who could save them and get Chinese Democracy released.  
Then we get to the Buckethead segment of the article, where Zutaut says that he met with Bucket, who  
voiced his displeasure at having to come to the studio every day when Axl wasn’t there and play the same parts over and over again. No doubt!  
Zutaut then suggested to Bucket that they build a chicken coop inside the studio to make him feel more comfortable. And 2 days later, it was built.  
The chicken coop story is 100% true, backed up Axl’s personal assistant, who Axl refers to as his “mom” Beta (Better).  
Unlike some website want you to believe, the coop was small, cost zero money and was filled with Bucketheads toys and props, all of which can be seen in the background in his 2002 interview with MTV. 
From there the story continues and the smell of BS starts to come in. And because this is youtube in 2020, to tell the rest of this story I'll be changing the ‘P’ word with Puppies. 
According to Zutaut, Buckethead requested that a TV be set-up in the studio so he could sit and watch hardcore puppy movies in order to get “inspired”.  
Then, one day Axl finally showed up, got mad at the sight of Buckethead watching “dirty depraved” puppies and scolded Buckethead. This being the same Axl Rose who done doggy style in the studio on the song ‘Rocket Queen’. 
Now, call me a cynic, but this sounds like complete puppy poop. Speaking of which, Zutaut also claims that Buckethead was “inspired” by the smell of poop that one of Axl Rose’s dogs deposited in the coop.  
Oh Jeez. 
At this point some of you out there might be saying, well, Buckethead did sing that song about a hardcore puppy star called ‘Danyel Cheeks’. So. 
Well, In our interview with one of Buckethead’s best friends and GNR’s drummer at the time, Bryan ‘Brain’ Mantia, this is what he said about Danyel. 
So, the whole Danyel thing came from Brain, in fact, you can see Brain watching some hardcore puppy action during Primus’ 1998 webcast.  
At the same time Buckethead was in GNR, he was also recording with long time friend and producer Travis Dickerson. Travis took many photos of Buckethead in the studio, one of those being this one. Showing Buckethead watching what looks like a horror movie, in the studio on his laptop. Which Travis captioned as “inspiration”.  
So, two of Buckethead’s closest friends who have known him for over 30 years say’s he clean cut and only into and “inspired” by horror movies, whilst an A&R guy who knew him for a few months paints a picture of some depraved hardcore puppy lover. Who do you believe? 
Personally, I really couldn’t care if Buckethead was in the studio watching that stuff. Pretty much everybody has watched it and it’s totally okay.  
But, what bothers me is someone telling a story that seems to be a fabricated, about a person who has literally never said a bad word about anyone, and who they know is never gonna respond to it.  
And when that story is constantly reprinted and spread around without any journalistic integrity, proper research or even an opinion given about it, its an insult to a musician and person who deserves much better. 
Shortly after this supposed story took place and whilst Buckethead was still in the band, Tom Zutaut was fired by Axl Rose, for lying to him, and has not returned to the band in any capacity since. 
You can find the link to the article below, so, let me know what you think. 


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