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“Buckethead Sent me a Love Letter” – Jennifer Batten

-So speaking of masks have you ever heard of a guitar player called buckethead?

Of course!

-We do a lot of his stuff on our channel and I know he's cited you as an early influence when he was younger.

Yeah, he was very cute. I met him when he was 16 years old and he sent me a love letter of reasons why we would make a great couple. That would probably embarrass the shit out of him right now but it was very sweet. I wish I still had the letter. I don't think I have it.

-Yeah! Were they valid reasons or not?

Oh, we are both guitar players! And also, early on he did a spoof of guitar workshop videos that he sent me.

I had a Westie dog at the time and his mother used to raise Westies. So that's another reason we'd make a great couple.

-So did you ever see the article where he kind of cited you as the influence? because that was in the Guitar Player magazine, too. Which you mentioned earlier.

Oh, is it wow, that's sweet. That's sweet that you remember that he remembered after all these years

-Because most people have seen that because I think that's like the first unmasked image of him and right below it is your name, influence = Jennifer batten.

I'll have to look that up. That's really cool.

-I'll have to send it to you


-So what do you think of this guitar playing?

Oh, he's a monster. He's one of those guys that just digs in and digs in and digs in and evolves over time And he's weird as hell. You know he's fearless as far as what he's gonna do with the guitar. Which is it's great for breaking boundaries.

-And he's kept up that look for so long. I can't even imagine keeping it up that long.

I know! That's dedication! And also there might be some issues behind the bucket.

-Possibly yeah. Possibly.

David Bowie was saying all the images that he came up with early on are because he didn't wanna show his real self. He wanted to present on stage as a character. Nothing wrong with that.

-Yeah, I guess it worked for both of them.



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