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Buckethead & Super Diorama Theater

Good evening everybody, today we're gonna take a look at what was seemingly an unreleased Buckethead album titled 'Super Diorama Theater'. What happened to the album? Let's find out. Woo!!

In late-2002 the record company Catalyst released a promo card promoting Bermuda Triangle, the upcoming DVD Secret Recipe and a new album 'Super Diorama Theater'.

Several months after the release of the promo card, Buckethead's website released this preview song from the upcoming album.

Shortly after, the super diorama theater album preview was renamed Cuckoo Clock of Hell preview. And several months later in April 2004, the album Cuckoo Clocks of Hell was released. With the untitled preview song on there now titled 'Moths to Flame'.

So, did Super Diorama Theater simply change it's name to Cuckoo Clocks of Hell?
The promo card stated that among others, friend & producer 'Extrakd' would feature on the album. We recently caught up with Extrakd and here's what he had to say about Super Diorama Theater.

I think I was gonna do a few tracks on Super Diorama Theater, so it was heavier sound. I think that was the first record his worked with Dan Monti. And they were programming it together and it seemed like he wanted to go away from the break beat sound into more metal programming, which I don't do. So he was probably just so happy with how that sounded that it became 'Cuckoo Clocks of Hell'.

So, initially Super Diorama Theater was gonna be a heavier album with hip hop style beats similar to Bermuda Triangle, but then Buckethead met Dan Monti who co-produced his Bucketheadland 2 album, and decided to go for a heavier drum and bass sound.

With the same guitar tracks, Super Diorama Theater was then renamed The Cuckoo Clocks of Hell, and was self-released through Buckethead's own label 'Disembodied'. Mystery solved.

Since then Buckethead has worked with Dan Monti who has co-produced practically every pike album to date. Glorious.


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