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Buckethead's Guitars Stolen!

Good evening everybody, well, not today. In the last few hours Buckethead posted a message to his official website stating |

“10 of the most important guitars of life were stolen. It's a tremendous loss. I'll never really be able to replace them but I'm looking for anybody who knows of any instruments that come close to these. Hopefully someone can help out. I'm trying to get 2 Studio Gibson Les Pauls. Please contact

To provide some extra insight and hopefully help in the recovery of these guitars. One of the stolen guitars is the 2008 Gibson with black headstock. The stolen guitar was sold at a swap meet on Sunday June 5th this year in Pheonix Arizona, where there were apparently in storage, by the person shown in this video.

This person is highly likely to have been part of the robbery and in possession of the remaining guitars if they haven't already been sold. So any information on him please provide it privately to us or Buckethead pikes, and let's get these guitars back.

Thankfully this guitar was purchased by a Buckethead fan who recognized the guitar from our gibson guitars video and has since been purchased by another fan, who has reached out to Buckethead to have the guitar safely returned.

As many of you will recall, Buckethead sold some of used Gibson guitars back in May, which now seems likely came as a result of having his other guitars stolen. The buyer of that guitar has also reached out to Buckethead to help out.

So, as you can imagine this is pretty devastating news, the fact that 30+ years of history and memories of these guitars were stolen is sickening.
If anybody out there, ideally in the New York or LA area can reliably (and without conditions) provide Buckethead with 2 Studio Gibsons then please reach out to Buckethead pikes as soon as possible.

Thank you.


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