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10 Insanely Difficult Guitar Licks to play by Buckethead (Pikes Edition)

Good evening everybody, we all know that Buckethead is far more than just a guitar shredding GOAT. But when he does lay down his shredding licks, not only is it glorious, its insanely difficult to play.

So today we're gonna highlight 10 crazy licks and sequences from the 10,000 or so that he has. And if by any chance you're in the 0.001% (80,000) of people who can play all 10 licks, don't tell me so in the comments, show me. 

And if you're looking for some note-for-note tabs...good luck. Woo!!

1 (Fifty – Pike 250)
First up from Pike 250, Buckethead displays some outlandish signature sweeps.

2 (Coop Erstown – Pike 253)
Next, some blistering 8 finger nubs from Pike 253, its Coop Erstown.

3 (Last House on Slunk Street – Pike 174)
Next up, if you ever want your earlobes gloriously penetrated, then you should visit the Last House on Slunk Street. Here's some outrageous Buckethead tapping.

4 (Pincushion – Pike 255 Abominable Snow Scalp)
Next up from Pike 255 Abominable Snow Scalp, destroy your wrist action with track 7, Pincushion.

5 (Lightboard – Pike 232)
Next from Pike 232 it's the song 'Lightboard'. Tapping, shred and a sweep for good measure. Hell yeah.

6 (A Ghost Took My Homework – Pike 171)
Glorious. Next up 'A Ghost Took my Homework' and here's what it sounded like.

7 (22222222 – Pike 233 '22222222')
Next is a breathtaking shred sequence from Pike 233. Notes per second? Yes.

8 (Thread 2 – Pike 275 Dreamthread)
Next, from the 2018 Pike album, Dreamthread, its the song Thread 2, with some more vintage 8 finger tapping and shred.

9 (Thoracic Park – Pike 267 Thoracic Spine Collapser)
Next, from 2017's Thoracic Spine Collapser, it's Thoracic Park. Scales? We got em.

10 (Er – Hold Me Forever, Pike 65)
And what better way to end than a lick from one of the greatest, if not, the greatest guitar masterpiece ever written. It's 'Er' from Pike 65, Hold me Forever.



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