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Buckethead interview by Chris Jones, Dennis Callaci, Allen Callaci. Conducted in 1991.
Note: Along with Buckethead, the 3 would release an album as the band 'Refrigerator' in 1997. This interview was self released by Buckethead.

The elusive Buckethead is a no-sellout guy. His guitar playing, attitude and penchant for the non-ordinary left many a so-called journalist and rock critic confused. We snuck an interview with his errand boy, Herbie, who gave ys the latest on Buckethead's exploits with John Zorn, Bootsy Collins, Giant Robot and others. Look for his new Buckethead Land cd in the import section of your favourite store.

Herbie, you're speaking on behalf of Buckethead?

That's right. I'm his errand boy.

How did you hook up with Buckethead?

He made me in his chicken coop out of straw, bones from chickens, more bones, more better.

Do you have an input in his musical ventures?

He comes to me first with everything. Always.

How old is he?

He died a long time ago, he's a good taxidermist. He enjoys dressing up his chickens, bringing them back to life and playing with them.

What motivates Buckethead to write music?

He realizes the bansheebot is coming to destroy the planet and the only way he can kill of this incredicbly monstrous ghost robot creature that is transparent is through sound waves. Minor second diminished combinations can in factory destroy this monster. Buckethead is trying to save the planet.

What if he can't?

We'll find out, I suppose.

What was the impetus for the Praxis LP? (With Bootsy Collins, Brain and Bill Laswell producing?)

That was just an outlet for eating headcheese.

Do Bootsy or Brain eat head cheese?

They don't like head cheese.

How about Bill Laswell?

He does not eat head cheese.

Vernon Reid? (Living Colour guitarist)

Head Cheese... vern, vern, vern, what's that? I don't know what that is.

Buckethead seems very shy, does he ever talk to the press?

He doesn't speak, he has no throat. Chickens hurt him, chickens hurt him.

How do they hurt him?

No throat, no throat, chickens hurt him,

We hear he's a big admirer of Michael Jackson.

Yeah he likes Michael Jackson.

Whom else does he admire?

Giant Robot.

How did he find out about Giant Robot?

He lived behind a drive-in theatre and there was a hole in the wall. They used to play it every Saturday morning and every time it came on he became Giant Robot.

Is this the same theatre where first saw Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Yes, exactly! They make head cheese. They take the head and they boil it, except the tongue. They scrape the bone clean to the flesh. Nothing is wasted.

So Buckethead is involved in a lot of different projects. He went to Japan...

Yes, he went to Japan to search for Giant Robot. To his disappointment and disillusionment, he didn't find Giant Robot. He only found a small figure of Giant Robot which he owns and cherishes.

John Zorn is putting out a CD in Japan of Buckethead...

Yes! “Buckethead Land”. More than anything Buckethead wants to create his own amusement park. In his mind it exists, it's called Buckethead Land. It will have rides that go off the tracks, people will not live very long and he enjoys these thoughts very much. The CD is the only way he can get to the people so far, so he made it to express this. It is the first of a series that'll hopefully last as long as he does.

So this is the actual music that will be on the ride?

Some, yes.

When does the soundtrack come out?

February 5th in Japan, it has no US released.

What does Buckethead think of Marty Friedman, Impelliteri...

He doesn't understand chicken scratch.

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