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Brain answers Buckethead Fan Questions & more

From Coruscant Official on Youtube, what is the craziest thing you've seen Buckethead do when you guys were hanging out or touring?

I think the craziest thing was when we were on tour during the Primus days. We've calmed down now and just go to malls.
I think its in the Ozzfest video, they show Buckethead doing nunchucks on graves at the cemetery. That was me holding the camera. We would go to whatever town we were playing in and go to the local cemetery and hang around the cemetery and film. And he would freak out people that were around.
It was kinda bad really. These people were visiting the dead and family members that had passed away and then out of nowhere there would be this dude that would jump out from the back of a tombstone, stands up and do nunchucks. It was funny to get their reaction.
That's how that Ozzfest video got into the documentary. That was me recording him him at a local cemetery, just running around scaring people. That was probably the craziest. He doesn't do that anymore though.

That was classic buckethead, you probably couldn't get away with doing that now.

Exactly yeah, it was pretty funny. And we would meet people afterwards and tell them what we were doing. Because it was scary for them! They were like 'what?!'.

Daniel in Scottsdale asks 'You, Buckethead, Dan Monti, Bill Laswell and so many others inthat circle barely do social media. How come?'

Yeah, that's a good question. I think Buckethead is never gonna do it again. Me personally, I do want to get into it because I'm understanding that's the only way to communicate and keep in touch.
I always looked at it like it was bad. From the aspect of something like what 'The Kardashian show' did. I'm not saying that's bad but what they did was have nothing and no talent and make billions of dollars from it. And that is a talent.
But when I first looked at it, I thought 'really? Anybody can be a star. Anybody can go on there and pretend and buy all these fake filters?'.
But by doing these podcasts and starting this company that's gonna change. I've never had an Instagram and I'm getting an Instagram. I hope whatever fans are out there will look out for it!
I'm gonna start doing that, it makes sense. But I'm not gonna post a picture of me eating a hot-dog and traveling. It's just gonna be music. I thought that would be cool.

Do you think Buckethead would ever do that? Get an Instagram account?

I don't know, I was trying to get hold of him because he goes in and out of being in touch. I was trying to reach out to him the other day because I was thinking, this would be a fun time to do some crazy stuff like make a weird Instagram.
If we do it right, it would be fun. Even do a weird little podcast, not with Buckethead but with his hand puppet Herbie. Ya know? Just funny stuff we could start doing together again.

Are you in touch with Buckethead? Hopefully you guys can get together soon and go back on tour when it's safe to do so. (Question from Vince Khong)

Before we went into the 'dark period', which is when we go our separate ways. I think he was thinking of doing something together after he did his solo tour. And then we were hoping to do something and then this pandemic happened.
I'm hoping to do something with him. It's always a pleasure to do something with him. I was talking to an old friend before I did the 2017 tour with Buckethead and I said 'I haven't played drums in a while and I'm really into composing. What do you think about touring and playing drums again?'. All this deep shit.
And she said 'well, who else would you play with?' And I thought 'Right!'. If i'm gonna play it might as well be with Buckethead. Because that's my guy! We're both into gonner crazy music. The vibe is ther,e the playing.

The chemistry, there's no drama!

Yes! Exactly! It is what it is. Of course I'd play with Buckethead. So yeah, If I'm gonna play again I'd want to play with Buckethead and hopefully it'll happen. That's why I was trying to get hold of him again to maybe do some live streaming stuff at my new studio.

That would be crazy! People would go insane!

Yeah, it would be fun. The place is big enough to do it. It would be really cool. There's 4 floors. He can have his own floor if he wants.

You can make a mini horror movie there!

(laugh) Oh yeah for sure! When I'm with Buckethead we'd watch Taxidermy or something I'd never watch. What's that film, the centipede film?

The Human Centipede?

Yeah, the Human Centipede. That stuff would freak me out. It was so weird. I watch them with Buckethead because he likes them. But I think we get along because that's not my thing. I'm into old 1970's movies.
All the Clint Eastwood movies like The Dirty Harry movies. The crazy weird porn sounding soundtracks. Huge cool soundtracks. I'm so sad that Ennio Morricone, I was a huge Morricone fan. They don't make them like that anymore.

That reminded me of the DVD you did with Buckethead.

Yeah, that was the 'Brain has made the worst dum instructional DVD ever'. A pretty good classic video there. I had a funny story about that. I was just talking to the director of that, Jonathan Rock. When we first brought that video to the executives of DW (Drummer world), we went into the sterile conference room. Jonathan and I with these executives and marketing managers. We played the whole hour and a half DVD and at the end it was complete silence. And they literally looked at us and said 'where did all the money go?'. We said ;what do you mean?'.

You had a limo!

Yep, it was from the limo and all the stupid shit we did with the budget. But hey, the eople that love it, love it.

Yeah, I love it!

Yeah! The people who love it, absolutely love it. Don't get me wrong though, there was a list of people who messaged me telling me they hated it. They were like 'what the fuck is this?'

If they don't get it, they don't get it!

Exactly! I wasn't worried about it.

Okay next question from Kyler Garcia on Youtube, 'Brain we know you're an awesome drummer but are you good on guitar? And is Buckethead good on drums?'

(laughs) The answer to that is, no! And I've never really seen Buckethead on drums. Les Claypool will jam on drums. Buckethead isn't that kind of guy.

Next from Rohit Thakuri on Facebook, 'You know Buckethead as well as anybody. Is he as shy and quiet as some people have said?'.

Yep! He's definitely super shy and quiet. That's why I think people feel like they feel they can take advantage of him. He wants everyone to feel good and for everything to be great. I don't think he deals with conflict well. But yeah, he's really shy and really quiet.


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