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Bryan Brain Mantia talks about the night he and Buckethead went to see Yngwie Malmsteen Live!

Didn't you go to see Yngwie Malmsteen with Buckethead one time?

Yeah we were on the Primus tour one time. I don't think Buckethead was on this tour. We were just playing in town in LA with Primus and Buckethead was like 'hey, Yngwie's playing'. So we went to see Yngwie. It was probably the greatest thing I'd ever seen in my life. He brought his wife out, some playboy model. We were like 'wait, what?'. He brought his wife out onstage and was like 'this is my wife' and we were like 'this guy is insane' It was really a great show. It was fucking amazing.

I think that was about 1999?

Yep. That was the Ozzfest because I remember I was dead tired and Buckethead was like 'but we gotta go see Yngwie. You gotta come with me' and I'm like 'Dude, I'm so tired right now. We're on tour. I'm about to die'. And he was like 'no you gotta come out, please please!' and I went and thank god I went. It was the greatest.

And I think he put that show on a live CD, the one you went to. It was at the Galaxy right?

Yeah!! That's amazing!


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