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Good evening everybody, in our previous video we looked back at the origins of bucketheads darker, alter-ego, Death Cube K.
And in today’s video we’ll countdown the best Death Cube K albums.
So, let’s begin.

Since 1994 Buckethead has released 6 albums under the Death Cube K moniker. So we begin at number 6 with 2007’s DCK.
As with most Death Cube K albums, DCK is dark and ambient. But leans more towards Buckethead’s experimental side.

At number 5 it’s the final Death Cube K release, 2009’s Torn from Black Space.
Definitely one of the darker of the Death Cube K albums, and one that feels like it fits right at home in an outer space sci-fi horror movie.

At number 4 it’s 1999’s Tunnel. As I mentioned in a previous video, the title track ‘Tunnel’ is one of the only Death Cube K songs that Buckethead has ever played live. The album has a definite war theme about it, and as we know, sometimes Buckethead like’s to feel like he’s at war.

Number 3 is 2007’s Monolith. 5 Cd’s each containing 1 unbroken track lasting around 45 minutes long. And whilst the 5 separated tracks are definitely worth a listen, when you take those tracks and merge them into one, you’re left with what is arguably the scariest 44 minute album and song ever released…no exaggeration.

At Number 2, it’s the 1997 release ‘Disembodied’. A great album from start to finish, disembodied features bill laswell on bass, friend and producer extraxd on the ‘ambient nightmare machete’ and buckethead on the guitar and ‘dr Phibes organ’. Nice.

And at number 1 is the very first Death Cube K album ‘Dreamatorium’ released on May 13th 1994, Buckethead’s 25th birthday.
While the majority of the death cube k albums are dark and ambient, Dreamtorium, with the exception of 2 of songs, has a more relaxing, mystical feel. So much so that it featured in a previous video ‘Top 10 ASMR Chill albums’. A great album from start to finish, and in my opinion, the best Death Cube K album out there.



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