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UNSOLVED: The Mysterious Buckethead Numbers 
Good evening everybody, with so many questions and intrigue surrounding guitar hero Buckethead, todays video will take a look at the unsolved mysterious Buckethead numbers. These being the Unexplained numbers that he’s used throughout his career on song titles, album titles and more. 
So, even if you’re not a hardcore Buckethead fan, you might still be able to crack the numbers. So, stick around. Woo!! 
(Snow Slug – 17 6 38 1 52 12 81) 
First up, it’s the mysterious numbers from Buckethead’s 70th Pike album, ‘Snow Slug’. 
Released in July 2014 the album is made up of 7 tracks, spelling out the word ‘Snow Slug’.  
Each letter is then followed by a number. 17, 6, 38, 1, 52, 12, 81. 
It’s almost certain that these aren’t random numbers, so, what are they? And what do they mean? 
(Pike 190 – 1079) 
Next up, released in October of 2015, Buckethead’s 190th Pike album, ‘1079’. 
With the album being a dark ambient countdown to Halloween, it’s likely that ‘1079’ is some kind of Halloween or horror movie reference. Possibly a door number, because, horror movies love their door numbers. (1408/ Shining/ 1428-elm street) 
So, is it a door number from a horror movie or something else? 
(Pike 67 – ACC 13656) 
Next, from Pike 67, its the abandoned slaughterhouse numbers. 
Released in July 2014, the album is made up of 8 tracks that spell ‘A,C,C,1,3,6,5,6’. Whilst people have speculated everything from it being meat grinder part numbers to air conditioners, I personally think it’s a movie reference, with A,C,C being short for account. What movie that is, I don’t know. But, the basis for that comes from the album released after Pike 67, Pike 68 – Assignment 033-03. 
(Solved – 033-03) 
Pike 68, Assignment 033-03 is made up of 6 tracks that spell out 0,3,3,-,0,3. These numbers are taken from the 1976 Sci-Fi movie, ‘Logans Run’. Solved. 
So, with these 2 albums being released within 1 week of each other, it’s likely ACC 13656 is another movie reference, which, as far I can tell isn’t from ‘Logan’s Run’ so, where is ‘ACC13656’ from? 
(Pike 251- 9001) 
Next up, the Waterfall Cove number. 
Released In February 2017, Pike 251 Waterfall Cove appears to be a reference to Mcway Falls in Big Sur, California. The album is made up of 4 tracks, with the final track named ‘9001’. Unlike the previously mentioned ‘1079’ number, ‘9001’ doesn’t appear to reference a door number, so what is 9001? And can it be found near Mcway Falls in Big Sur California? 
(Room 7/ Room 12) 
Next up, a double dose of mystery. 
From Pike 47 ‘Roller Coaster Track Repair’ its ‘Room 7’ and ‘Room 12’.  
While it’s definitely possible that Room 7 and 12 could be a personal reference by Buckethead that we’ll never know, it’s also possible that it’s not. So, is it another horror reference, a theme park reference or a mystery that’ll never be solved? What or where, are Room 7 and Room 12? 
Next, a glorious 17 year old call back. 
In 1999 the Buckethead fronted band ‘Cobra Strike’ released the album ‘The 13th Scroll’. On the back cover of the album it says ‘Buckethead - Call Him Torker 1313’. So, what is 1313?  
We know that Buckethad’s birthday is the 13th, the album is called the 13th Scroll and of course, Buckethead is a fan of the Friday the 13th movies. So, did he just randomly stick two 13’s together? Although it might seem like, 17 years later in 2016 Buckethead released Pike 234, Coupon. And the albums front cover coupon number is... 001313. So, 1313 seems a special number to Buckethead, is it a reference to the previous things mentioned or, something else? 1313. 
(Cobra Strike) 
And speaking of the 13th scroll album. 
There’s Track number 3, ‘7th Hall/6th Door’, Track number 9 ‘CS-118’, Track 13 ‘32nd Degree’ and the title track ‘13th Scroll’ So, what are these numbers?  
CS is likely cobra strike, so what is 118? 32nd Degree could be a reference to the freemasons, 13th Scroll is possibly a reference to the Dead Sea Scrolls and 7th hall-6th door, no idea. 
(Pike 87 – 0.5) 
Next up, the Interstellar Slunk number. 
Released October 2014, Pike 87 – Interstellar Slunk is made up of 4 tracks, with the final track called ‘0.5’. As far as song names, all 4 tracks don’t seem to have any relation to one another, and the only reference to the number 5, is that the album cover has 5 puzzle pieces on the front. So, is there some hidden meaning or reference to ‘0.5‘ on the album cover, or is ‘0.5’ something else? 
(Pike 237 – The Five Blocks) 
Next up, the Five Blocks. 
Pike 237, The Five Blocks, is made of 6 tracks, from 0 block to 5 block. And although there’s many things you could attach the word block to, from housing to lego and more, I personally think Five Blocks is a reference to Basketball. As we know, Buckethead is a huge Basketball fan, blocks are something that happen in the sport and 5 months before the album was released at the 2016 NBA finals, one of Bucketheads favourite players LeBron James, made one of the most famous ‘Blocks’ in Basketball history. 
‘The Block’ even has it’s own wikipedia page and dozens of write ups and videos. As for why 5 blocks? Who knows. So, is the Five Blocks a Basketball reference or something else? 
(Pike 233) 
Next up, random numbers or deeper meaning? 
Buckethead’s pike number 233 is called ‘22,22,22,22’ with track 1 having the same name and track 2 called ‘11,11,11,11’. So, is it completely random, a hidden reference or something else?  

 And before we get to the final unsolved numbers, here’s some that we know for sure what Buckethead is referring to. 
From the ‘5 13 10 31’ album, 5 13 is Buckethead’s birthday ‘May 13th, and 10 31 is his favourite date of the year, October 31st, Halloween. 
From the Bermuda Triangle album, 911 is the song recorded on the day of September 11th 2001.  
Also on that album is the song ‘Flight 19’ which refers to one of the first aircraft to disappear over the Bermuda Triangle in 1945. 
And the song ‘Barnard 72’ from the Buckethead & Brain album ‘Kevins Noodle House’ is named after a constellation of the same name, which is also called ‘The Snake Nebula’. 
And for our final unsolved mystery numbers, we have a double dose of exits. 

(Pepper's Ghost/ Pike 218) 
From Bucketheads 2007 album ‘Peppers Ghost’ Exit 209, and from Pike 218 ‘Old Toys’ Exit 46.  
The rest of the songs on Pepper’s Ghost don’t seem to give any indication of what or where Exit 209 is, and despite Pike 218 having the location of ‘Mount Shasta’ and ‘Oak Island’ on the album, Exit 46 doesn’t seem to be related to them. So, what or where are Exit 209 and Exit 46?  
If you can solve the mystery of these or any of the other numbers in this video, be sure to let us know. Woo!! 



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