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Good evening everybody. Today were going to take a look at some ultra rare Buckethead collectors items.

Most Buckethead fans will know that just about everything that Buckethead releases eventually becomes rare, hard to find, out of print or so mythical that it might not even exist. So, lets begin.

When Buckethead released his second studio album ,Giant robot‚ in 1994 through Sony records in Japan. An 8 page Buckethead comic was featured in the albums booklet.

The comic was only made available in japan because, According to Bucketheads website, Buckethead didn't like it. So don't be too disheartened if you don't own it.  The album is now long out of print, with only a handful of the Japanese comic book version available as imports.

The website further added that the 1999 comic book ‚The World of Buckethead‚by dave mckean is a far better representation of Buckethead's vision of Bucketheadland. And I would definitely agree!

Dave Mckeans World of Buckethead is long out of print, rare and will now cost over 5 times its original price when available at auction.

Shortly before joining Guns N Roses in 2000 Buckethead began offering personziled song recordings to his fan.

The cd recordings, priced at $50 each , were 30 minutes long and  featured extended jamming, shredding and even the occasional message from Buckethead himself, making them a rare collectors item.

(Buckethead talking) Buckethead just wants to wish you a happy birthday. An hopefully you'll like this tape. Thank you.

Although  bucketheads 2010 custom guitar by Gibson is now somewhat rare, they are still in circulation online,being auctioned for around $3000-$7000, but, what about a one off, custom made guitar owned and used by buckethead himself?

In 1991 buckethead collaborated with musician henry Kaiser on the album ‚'hope you like our new direction'.  Henry Kaiser was so taken by Bucketheads guitar super powers, that he gave buckethead a special gift‚a custom Steinberger GS guitar. Now commonly known as ‚kaisers gift.

A decade or so later In 2002 a contest was held where the winner would receive the kaisers gift‚ a guitar, which was primarily used by buckethead during the making of Praxis transmutation album.

A winner was apparently chosen in August 2002 and received the guitar. However, the winners name was never announced, and the contest was never mentioned again.

So whether the contest was all a stunt or someone actually won the guitar, we don't know? Unless the former admin of the site wants to tell us (greg!) or if you were the lucky one who now owns kaisers gift?

And as side note, Buckethead signed and donated some of his guitars to the hard rock cafe in the mid 2000s.

Notably his Jackson coopwood guitar and classic purple air jordan ESP guitar. And if hard rock ever decided to put the guitars up for auction then you can expect to pay upward of $7,000 dollars.

From 2016 to 2018 Bucketheads website began releasing hundreds of pieces of artwork, from slunk cards, photo’s, canvas cards and more. But the most sought after of there items were bucketheads oil and acrylic paintings.

Releasing over 300 paintings, each one costing between $200-$500, the one off pieces are now ultra rare.

The rarest of these unnamed paintings include those that have writing, such as the blue 13‚ chewed up and ‚ 2+2=5.

And those that show bucketheads darker, gorier side

And topping the list of the rarest, are the paintings that were used as pike cover albums.

And speaking of rare paintings, congratulations if you managed to purchase the now ultra rare series of paintings and limited edition prints ($50 each) that were sold through producer Travis Dickersons website in the mid 2000s.

Those things sold faster than you can say 'she sells seashells by the slaughterhouse'.

And a double congratulations with a cherry on top if you managed to buy one of the now super rare hand painted buckethead buckets that went on sale in 2013 through bucketheads website.

Personally Id love to see these make comeback. Did you manage to snag one? Lets us know.

In late 1999, during Bucketheads tour with Primus, Bucketheads website held an online auction selling one off collectors pieces. As these items were some of the very first Buckethead merchandise available for purchase they are now ultra rare.

These items included:-
A Black and grey canvas wallet,

A bucketheadland spoon.

4 Mini figurines.

And a framed Buckethead haunted farm poster.

Also put up for auction but never sold were:-
A 16mm original film titled Bucketheadland Chamber of Horrors.

Also for sale was life size animatronics of buckethead and a pigs head, priced (priced at $8,420 and $5,500.)

While its more than likely these two animatronics werent actually real, if someone did bid on the items then more than likely, buckethead would have turned up at their house and given them a one on one performance...with a pig.

Whilst cassettes tapes are highly unlikely to ever come back into popularity. Early buckethead cassettes, are still sought after by hardcore buckethead collectors.

Initially available in the late 90s through mail order, these rare cassettes include Giant Robot live, Bucketheadland demo tapes, a monsters & robots sampler tape and the most sought after of the bunch, the 3 volume grab bag casettes.

And for those of you that purchased some of bucketheads Vinyl albums in 2018, you also got a 2 minute personalized cassette tape included with the purchase.

So, maybe cassette tapes are making a comeback afterall.

And last but not least, Buckethead Cds.

To name every cd of Bucketheads that is now rare and out of print would extend this videos length to about 3 hours. Instead Im gonna highlight some of the more sought after, ultra rare items that the hardcore Bucket bots search the world over for.

Often considered as the holy grail of Buckethead CDs. Bucketheads Giant Robot album was released on small Japanese record label, ntt records in 1996 in limited quantities.

The 1996 classic album is long out of prin,t and when it does come up for auction it normally fetches in the region of $400. But be careful, as the album is often faked and duplicated. Also, make sure not to confuse the album with the 1994 buckethead album of the same name.

Released in march 2004 as a tour only cd, bucketheads super heavy album ‘The Island of lost minds’, was later re-released with a different album cover. Thus Making the tour only album cover version a collectors item, and one thats hardly ever seen at auction. So if you managed to snag the original cd during the 2004 tour, good job.

In December 2007 buckethead using his alter ego, 'Death Cube K 'released a 5 cd set called monolith.,Not only is this set long out of print and rare but its also fairly unique. Each cd was around 45 minutes long and If you take the 5 tracks off the cd and merge them into 1, then you’re left with a 45 minute song that will probably give you nightmares.

In 2007 Buckethead released his monumental set of 13 albums entitled ‚In search of the‚ each cd  was hand drawn and numbered by buckethead and limited to 800-1,000 copies, priced at $200 for the set. To purchase a signed and numbered edition at auction now will cost you around $400-$700 dollars.

And lastly a cd so rare that only buckethead has it...probably.

Buckethead plays Disney was an album that was scheduled for release in the late 90s but never came out, reportedly due to buckethead never feeling quite satisfied with it..

The album and cover can be seen briefly in the binge clips vhs tapes, so clearly it was made. Whether buckethead couldnt get the copyright clearance to release the album is unknown. So, unless you break into bucketheads home and steal it, it will remain the rarest of the rare.

So, Id love to know if you guys own any of these ultra rare items . Do you have any rare buckethead items that we didnt mention? Theres some super hardcore collectors out there, so let us know what you got and thanks for watching.



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