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Buckethead has a Heart Scare on stage (with footage)

Good evening everybody, In September 2017 guitar hero Buckethead gave his first out of character interview in which he revealed he'd recently been having a heart problem.

(Buckethead Coming Alive Podcast Interview 2017)
Really recently I have a heart problem where my heart beats out of rhythm and it's been doing it for a long time but recently it's become really intense.

So I went to the doctor and they said 'oh you're on the verge of having a stroke'.

It's been really difficult because it's scary.

Not long after the interview Buckethead, along with longtime friends and band-mates 'Brain' and Dan Monti headed out on a 19 date tour from September to the end of the year.

It was During the tour that podcast interview was released and unbeknownst to the already shocked listeners, Buckethead had suffered a heart scare on stage several weeks after the interview was recorded.
The incident has only recently came to light after our interview with then drummer Bryan 'Brain' Mantia.

(Brain Interview with Natternet 2020)
The heart thing was being fixed during the tour. We did have a couple of meltdowns where he was feeling weird and it scared him. And even on one show we did, we had to stop for a bit and Dan and I had to do some improvised jamming.

The show In question happened on October 4th at The Tower Theater in Oregon.
Up until 20 minutes into the set Buckethead was as lively as ever, even giving a kungfu kick to his onstage mannequin. Then right after the song 'Revenge of the Double-Man' as the band were leading into the next song, Buckethead appeared to be somewhat disorientated in his playing, before putting down his guitar, indicating to Brain to fill in and then leaving the stage, quickly followed by P-Sticks.

Brain and Dan did some improv jamming for several minutes before also leaving the stage. The 3 piece returned shortly thereafter completing their set, with Buckethead thankfully showing no signs of a problem then or during the remainder of the tour.

The whole incident was handled like the absolute professionals that they are, and Buckethead has since gone on to tour in 2018 and 19, playing over 120 shows across the country showing no signs of slowing down.
Long Live the GOAT.


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