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Buckethead Pike Reviews

A review of Pike 99 'Polar Trench' by Buckethead, released December 25th 2014

Good evening everybody, today we're going back to the trenches for Buckethead's 99th Pike album 'Polar Trench'. So, let's begin. Woo!!

Pike 99 'Polar Trench' was the 5th of 7 albums released in the month of December, dropping on Christmas Day 2014 as a one day only free download, Glorious!

The album kicks off with it's longest track, the almost 10 minute long 'Light in the Fog'. A slow burn chill song that has some excellent lead guitar soloage, the highlight of which being around the 6 minute mark when Buckethead really lets rip to the songs conclusion. The guitar tone is fantastic, highly enjoyable, great stuff. And an excellent start to the album.

Track 2 is the albums title song 'Polar Trench'. Buckethead completely shifts direction from the first track, ripping with some overdrive and phaser guitar. At almost 9 minutes Polar Trench is a thoroughly enjoyable jam with Buckethead clearly channeling Jimi Hendrix and turning it up to 11. Fantastic.

Track 3 is the albums shortest track at just over 2 minutes 'Heiro'. And much like track 2, this is a clear nod to Jimi Hendrix with shades of Jimi's classic song 'Crosstown Traffic' written all over it. And much like Crosstown Traffic it ends at just under 2.5 minutes and doesn't need to go any longer. In and out, job done, Solid track.

The final track 'Glyphics' is the albums 2nd longest track at 9.5 minutes and carries on from Hiero (Heiro Glyphics) with the Hendrix influenced licks and riffage. Another enjoyable jam track in the vein of track 2 'Polar Trench' Buckethead rips. A solid end to a very solid album.

Overall, Pike 99 is a highly enjoyable listen. The opening track leads you to believe the album is going one way but then it completely shifts direction into all out Hendrix style assault, and it works. And even though the 4 tracks are primarily jam based rather than structured compositions, they're excellent jams, well paced and well executed.

After adding up the rating I gave for each track, It came to a whopping 77.5%, which I'd categorize as very good, just missing out the perfect 5 stars. You can find my individual song ratings and break down on our website

So, what's your rating for Pike 99?
To work out what percentage you'd give the album, rate each song out of 5 stars, add up your total and divide it by the total score possible, which for Pike 99 is 20 . Then times it by 100.

Buckethead in the style of Hendrix? Hell yeah!


Pike 99 'Polar Trench' RATINGS (out of 5)
1 The Light in the Fog  ****¼  (4.25)
2 Polar Trench   ****¼  (4.25)
3 Heiro   ***¼  (3.25)
4 Glyphics   ***¾  (3.75)

Album length: 30:39

Total = 15.5 out of 20 (Album = 77.5%, Very Good!)

1-20 % = Poor
20- 40 % = Below Average
40-60 % = Average
60-80 % = Good
80-100 % = Awesome!

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