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The worst Buckethead review site EVER!

Good evening everybody, for the most part we prefer to cover all things positive here on the channel, but every now and then ya come across something so ludicrous that you just gotta sit back and laugh, so let's have a laugh at the worst “reputable” Buckethead review site on the internet. Woo!!

Today, playing the part of Dumb & Dumbers Harry & Llloyd, are Wilson & Alroy on their website “we listen to the lousy records so you won't have to”.

First up, Buckethead's 2007 release acoustic shards. To which they simply say “I believe this is all solo acoustic”. Outstanding work gentleman.

And they didn't bother with Buckethead's debut album 'Bucketheadland' cos they “couldn't find it”.

Then Praxis's 'Sacrifist' album, which is far from my favourite Praxis album, gets a harsh 1.5 stars with a few insults aimed at the members of the band which certainly ain't worth repeating. They also say that Buckethead's sound is “Metallica inspired crunching”. Because of course, it couldn't be inspired by any other metal band.

Praxis's third album 'Metatron' also gets 1.5 stars, being labeled as 'unlistenable'. With arguably the best song on the album 'Wake the Dead' being called “dull”. Whatever you say, Harry.

So, how about 'Colma'? Everyone loves Colma, right? Meh, 3 out of 5. Even people who don't like Buckethead would give this at least a 4, but nope, 'Big Sur Moon' is just “fun”. The best song, in my opinion, Machete is called “typically semi-funky”, the drums are too loud on “For Mom”, but hey Whitewash is “Outstanding”. Ah a glimmer of light.

How about what I still consider to be Buckethead's greatest album 'Electric Tears'... 2.5 stars. Wilson & Alroy, you're a pair of fucking chicken taints.
“Electric Tears is basically the same exact thing 14 times in a row” not only is that some BS, but the album only has 13 songs not 14, you pair of Muppet's.

Do I agree with anything these soy boys have reviewed? Surprisingly, yes.
Praxis' Transmutation got 4.5 stars. Which as I've said in the history of Praxis video, that album is a masterpiece.
And the Trip-Hop classic 'Bermuda Triangle' along with 'Peppers Ghost' and 'Monsters & Robots' all got 4 stars, which 4 and above is about right.

Meanwhile excellent albums that are poorly rated include 'Population Override' with 3.5 stars 'Unison' with 3 stars,, 'Captain EO's Voyage' with 2.5 stars and 'Shadows between the sky' with a measly 2 stars.

The lowest rated album according to old Patty & Selma is El Stew's 'No Hesitation', with 1 star. Being called “Uni-formally dull and a total waste of time'. And that's exactly what they'll say at these wilson & alroys funeral.

So even though I'm obviously pro-Buckethead, I'd say I'm fair and unbiased when it comes to rating his music, if there's albums and songs I don't like then I'll say so, but the ratings by these two goofs are shockingly bad, especially when they're supposed to be “reputable”. That being said, as the old saying goes, everyone is entitled to their wrong opinion.

The rating for Buckethead's heaviest album 'Cuckoo Clocks of Hell'? “The basic same approach of Island of Lost Minds from what I've heard”. Great, thanks. Insightful.
'Elephant Man's Alarm Clock' 3.5 stars. With 'Lurker at the Threshold' lazily being mislabeled as 'Lurker on the Doorstep'.

And even though they've listened to a bunch of Pikes, they didn't bother giving them a rating. Thank god I suppose.

Other albums that got dumped on with 1.5 stars were Praxis Warszawa, Death Cube K's 'Tunnel'. 'Bolt on Neck'
Anatomize gets a 2
Bucketheadland 2 & Axiology get 2.5 stars.


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