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The Things Buckethead & Friends Say

Let's take a listen to some of the things that friends and acquaintances have to say about guitar hero, Buckethead. From music legends to basketball icons to movie legends and more.


(Paul Gilbert)
Buckethead was a student of mine. It was pre-bucket.

(Jennifer Batten)
Oh he's a monster. He sent me a love letter of reasons why we would make a great couple.

(Shawn Lane)
He's a very unusual individual.

(Bootsy Collins)
He's a total psycho.

(Bootsy's Mom)
Do you want some slaw?

Save me the slunk.

(Bryan 'Brain' Mantia)
He was talking with a puppet. He's soloing and fucking got the puppet when he needs to go to the bathroom. And he'd ask with the puppet. It's just gone. 
And I'm sitting there just going... what the heck?

Everything tastes better raw.

I really love Michael Jordan. I have his poster in my room.

(Michael Jordan)
I can never stop working hard.

(Lebron James)
<Lebron song>

(Serj Tankian)
<We are one lyrics>

(Dan Monti)
<I want it that way, Backstreet Boys>

I wanna get a slunk for my birthday so I can tie it to my car and drag it.

Big B! Taking the supplements these days? Good afternoon, styles music!

(Maximum Bob)
Beautiful days, beautiful nights.

(Bruce Lee)
Be water my friend!

(Johnny Sokko & Giant Robot)
Im Johnny Sokko, nice to meet you. Giant Robot obey! Into the air, up and away.

(Viggo Mortensen)
Fury. Rage. Madness. In a wind across America.

All aboard! This is the last train to Bucketheadland!

Is that a cheesecake?

I see we need to get you a syringe. That wax is thick!

(Bill Laswell)
Music comes from the people not from the tools, so.

(Bernie Worrell)
Bill laswell, he introduced myself and Bootsy to Buckethead, who is one of my babies.

(Les Claypool)
Who's this guitar playing sonsabitch?

(Bootsy Collins)
He's got a Bucket on his head!!!

Pieces! Peesez!


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