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Buckethead Fans talk about Buckethead (Girls Edition II)

How/ When did you first hear of Buckethead?

I first heard of Buckethead through Primus when I saw a Youtube video of him playing on the song 'Damn Blue Collar Tweekers'. And I thought it was quite interesting to see someone wearing a chicken bucket on their head. From then on I didn't know who he was until I started watching 'The House of Masks' and 'Drowned Boy Cosplay' Youtube channels. And they both featured him, so I was like 'Oh, that's who he is'. From there I watched other videos and was happy to learn of him through other youtubers like NatterNet.

I first heard of Buckethead in 9th grade, aged 15. I was really into bands and music and really loved rhe sound of guitar and bass. And I listened to stuff like The Cure, Joy Division, Nine Inch Nails, Type O Negative and Japanese bands. I had a friend who, one day, showed me songs by this band called the Deli Creeps. And they had this crazy talented guitarist called 'Buckethead'. And we listened to the song 'Can I Have a Ride?' in school and we laughed and just loved the weirdness of it.
My friend gave me a flash drive with all music on it and it had Buckethead on it. So I started exploring all of his music. And my mind was blown, album after album, it felt like home. I read everything I could about him and entered the park, and I've never left. That was 10 years ago this year.

I listened to him for the first time on Youtube. I was looking for videos of the best guitarists in the world and his music caught my ear instantly. His way of playing and vibe made me feel like he was staring right into my eyes, like he was looking through the camera.
I studied more about him and it became an addiction. His music is like it's from another world.

The first time I heard about Buckethead was in the car when my fiancee put on 'Jordan' because he though I might like because I'm a fan of guitars. And I think I zoned out when it was playing, but the thing I remembered was the name 'Buckethead' so a couple of weeks later I looked him up and listened to songs like 'Soothsayer' and albums like 'Electric Tears' and 'Colma' and after that I was hooked.

(What is your favourite piece of Buckethead merchandise that you own?)

My Buckethead collection is not huge but it's still very precious to me. My favourite is probably this one, Bucketheadland CD, the Japanese one. It was the first one I heard and it really pulled me into to Bucketheadland and the lore and rides and everything. And I just when I needed it the most. And its really crazy and funny too with the obscure references to the things he loves.
And then, in shared first place is this, the plastic chicken that Buckethead traded with me for a doll last year at my first show. My boyfriend and I traveled from Sweden to America to see Buckethead for 2 shows. On the way home this chicken barely fit in the luggage because its so big and bulky, but still, she made it here.
Also I have, Colma, Electric Tears and Live from Bucketheadland CD's. And the one thing I think all Buckethead fans should own or at least see, is the Secret Recipe DVD. I have spent so many hours watching this, its ridiculous.
And then of course, this shirt that I'm wearing which I bought from TDRS music.

My favourite piece of Buckethead merch is my beaded Colonel Sanders. I did this about a month ago and it took me about 2 weeks to do and about 5000 beads to do it. So this is definitely a little keepsake of mine.

What Piece of Buckethead merch would you love to own that you don't already have?

I would love to own some of his paintings. I feel like they are very personal. I feel like they reflect his life and his feelings and it would be like owning a piece of him.

Some merch I would like to own is a long sleeve shirt and probably a couple of CD's. I will probably get them in the future, but that's what I'd like because I own nothing yet.

It's far fetched but I would love to own 'Buckethead plays Disney' if it were ever released. The few Disney tunes I've heard from him connect with me so deeply with my childhood and happy memories and nostalgia. But yeah, I know right? Keep dreaming.
So, my other choices are the 'Giant Robot' and 'Blueprints' CD's. Also, I would love to own the Dave Mckean comic book 'The World of Buckethead'

The piece of Buckethead merch I'd like to own is a mask because currently I'm working with this. I like to call him budget head. So I think it would be really cool to have a proper Caesar mask and an actually 90's KFC bucket. Because I only have the Canadian one and one shitty American bucket.

What would you like to see from Buckethead in 2020?

What I'd like to see from Buckethead in 2020 is for him to collaborate with Les Claypool again. Because seeing them back in the day doing stuff was really cool and I'd like to see that now and see if its still the same. Maybe it's different, maybe it's even cooler!

I'd like to see him go on tour if his health allows him too. Put out more Pikes, I've seen he's already doing that, the previews sound amazing. And I'd like to see him paintings because it puts you in a creative zone and it's a nice thing to do.

I enjoyed the '10 31' music video so I'd like to see another short movie like that from him again. Definitely a few more Pikes (which we have actually gotten already this year). So yeah, 2020 is off to a good start. As long as he feels inspired and up to it and that he's well and happy thats all that matters. The same goes for touring, I would love to go back to America and see him live again but most of all I want Buckethead to stay happy and healthy and fulfilled in whatever he chooses to do.

I would like to see him do a world tour because I think the world deserves to see one of the best guitarists of our tim and enjoy his creations and I like him to a reunion with the Deli Creeps.

If Buckethead is watching, what would you like to say to him?

From the bottom of my existence, thank you! Your music and presence in the world has changed so many lives for the better, mine included. When I discovered your music at 15 I was in a really dark place. School was hell for me, I didn't fit in and kids made fun of me and my interests. I had being developing a depression for some time and eventually stopped going to school altogether. Still I graduated and got into the upper secondary college which I had hoped for, but when it came time to start in the fall my mental health had spiraled out of control. I was sick with an eating disorder, panic attacks, anxiety and severe depression. Everything was a mess, I had no will to live and the only thing that could console me and reach me at the time was your music.
The music was like a safe, tranquil present that took me away and soothed me and reached me in a way that nothing else could at the time. And it gave me strength to not give up and keep going. And today I'm so grateful for that.
Things work out in the end. I got help, I recovered, I finished school a few years later. And I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have your music to keep me going. So yeah, I want you to know that you keep inspiring me always and I hope you know what your music does for people and you are a healer of souls, truly, thank you!

Thank you for always making music. It doesn't matter what you listen to, none of it sounds the same, there's so much variation. Your music makes me worry less about things that I have to deal with in my personal life and it helps me immensely.

I think he's the best person on the planet and a complete genius. I would like to thank him in the name of all his fans for sticking with us through the good and the bad. Thank him for his generosity and ask him not to ever change because I learn from him to follow my dreams, to be humble and not to be ashamed of my way of being.

Buckethead if you're watching I just wanna say, thank you for making such great music and inspiring me. Love you!

(Any final thoughts or stories you'd like to add?)

We first saw Buckethead in New Jersey and then New York. The first one was in a smaller venue, it felt more intimate. We were right by the stage and met some greats bots outside and in line. And you know us, we're Swedish, we're not used to people being so friendly. But we loved it, it was awesome.
When Buckethead appeared and entered the stage it was like 'I can't believe this, is this really happening?' I got to trade toys with him and tap the killswitch. It was everything I dreamed of.
And the other show in New York was so much bigger and crazy and the energy was so high, like some people were really high, you know?
It was great, we got an encore and first Buckethead left and we got a doppelganger and then Buckethead came back. People were so confused. It was wild. It was perfect. I wish we could have stayed for more shows but those were so good. Buckethead is such a good performer and so close to audience and he communicates with the audience in a way I've never seen any other artist do. And I'm so glad to be part of that and be a bucket bot and to experience that magic first hand.
And also, thank you NatterNet for being the coolest channel on Youtube and always putting out the most fun and cool videos and having me talk about Buckethead (which I could do forever). Yeah, I just wanna say thanks for that. Woo!!

One thing I'd also like to say to Buckethead is, never go out on an empty stomach, sleep well, rest well when you can and do the things you love. We don't want anything bad to happen to you, we all care and love you and hope that this year will be a great year for you.

Through his music I can tell how much he gives all of his heart without asking for anything in return. I think he was a gift from the universe right when I needed him. He can be an angel or demon, whatever I want, according to my needs. Thank you so much Buckethead you are the best person in the world, I love you so much. I'm sorry for my bad english, I don't speak english but I can say...

And I think that is it, thank you for doing this video. I'm so excited to be a part of it. Woo!!


I dream about him many times, many nights. An they are lucid dreams and I can do whatever I want with him.



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