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About Natternet

Natternet is a Musician, Digital artist, Animator & Content Creator. Originally from the UK, Natternet began playing guitar in the late 1990's after becoming a fan of iconic bands such as Guns N Roses, Led Zeppelin, Metallica & more. After taking a hiatus from playing for almost a decade, Natternet began playing guitar again in 2023, later recording & releasing his music on all social media platforms from 2024 onwards.

So far Natternet has released the following songs on all social media platforms:-
'Flying B-Bomb' released April 27th 2024'
The Heavy Tread of Lunatics' released May 5th 2024
'Dance the Way Home' released May 12th 2024
'Mutant Ballroom' released May 26th 2024
'Fate of the Voyager' released June 1st 2024
'Hunt for the Kansai Killer' released June 8th 2024

Natternet is also notably known as being the foremost advocate of former Guns N Roses guitarist, Buckethead. Having distributed more videos, articles, stories and insight about Buckethead than anyone else in his illustrious career.
Natternet has worked tirelessly to build a safe community for the fans & for Buckethead, becoming the first Youtube channel dedicated to creating original content to promote the artist, as well as debunking/clarifying a lot of misinformation or lies about Buckethead that had been circulating online for many years. 

Since the channels inception in late 2017, Natternet has released more stories, videos, insight and articles about Buckethead than any other source in Buckethead's 35+ year career. And they have done so with the full support of the real Buckethead fanbase, those that appreciate what Natternet has done and appreciate the time, resources & funds that they have put into making this happen.
Likewise, Natternet greatly appreciates the fans who have shown that continued support. 

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The Heavy Tread of Lunatics - Natternet
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