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Buckethead Rewind – Year in Review 2019

Good evening everybody, with just a few weeks left until the end of 2019, it’s time to take a look back and reflect on the year of guitar hero, Buckethead. Woo!!

We begin with Buckethead’s glorious 2019 tour.
Just like 2018, the tour began in March in Tucson Arizona, before finally finishing up in Cincinnati in May, with Buckethead playing almost 60 shows in 78 days.
We previously covered the tour extensively in our 2019 tour video, but highlights included:-

Buckethead’s new fashion accessories, the visor and the over the shoulder shawl.
P sticks cutting a rug onstage,
Buckethead bringing Oscar Lopez onstage for the 2nd year in a row, and jamming with an unplugged doppleganger.
Buckethead’s glorious Halloween themed 50th birthday show, at the Louisville palace.
And a handful of new covers and unreleased songs including an excellent, as yet, unknown ballad.

Also, during the tour, Zach Hill of the band Death Grips posted a photo of Buckethead on his instagram account. Apparently showing Buckethead backstage. Sweet.

Towards the end of the tour, Buckethead released the soundtrack for the DOOM video game, ‘Sigil’. The soundtrack featured 8 previously released pike album songs, and one new song ‘Romero, One Mind any Weapon’.

At the conclusion of his tour, Buckethead’s website posted a link to a brand new website, The website image had been used as the backdrop for his tour, was featured in the 2018 music video ’10 31’ and is very reminiscent of the album cover for Bucketheadland 2 . Unfortunately, one month later, the image went dark and there’s been no new updates since.
Is Bucketheadland 3 on its way in 2020? Fingers crossed.

In June, Buckethead’s longtime friend Bootsy Collins released an album of previously unreleased material, The Bootzilla Records Archive. One of the songs featured Buckethead as well as late Praxis member Bernie Worrell, called ‘Z-Classified’.

A few months later, Bootsy Collins once again released another Buckethead collaboration, Monster Mash. A cover of the 1960’s song, Bootsy stated that he and Buckethead had been talking about covering the song for over a decade. Do the mash.

Whilst Buckethead’s 2019 might be remembered most for his 50th birthday show, it’s fair to say that 2019 was the year of the paintings.
From January to December, Buckethead released over 500 paintings. And, if you include all of the paintings he’s ever done, which is just over a thousand, he now has more paintings than Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci combined. Glorious.
Although, he has a long way to go before beating Bob Ross, who has over 30,000 paintings.
So, on the surface, whilst it might seem that 2019 was a quiet year for buckethead, when u consider that he done a tour, released over 500 paintings and dropped a few singles, its far more than a lot of other musicians have done this year. Especially ones who are 50 years old. At the making of this video, Sigil is Buckethead's only album release of 2019, making it the first year since the Pike album series began that he has not released a pike.
But with just a few more weeks until the year ends, it’s highly likely we'll get more paintings...and maybe we'll get a Pike or song for Christmas?



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