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Buckethead Flashbacks – Praxis 1998 Shows

Good evening everybody, in today's Buckethead flashback we're going back to September 1998 to take a look at 4 back-to-back shows played by the glorious band, Praxis. So, let's begin.

The Praxis band for these shows consisted of guitar hero Buckethead, Brain on Drums, DJ Disk on turntables and Praxis founder Bill Laswell on Bass.

(September 17th 1998, Praxis - Belly Up Tavern, Solano Beach California)
The band played their first of the back to back shows on September 17th 1998 at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, Californa. And as usual Buckethead was on fire.

Just like the other shows on the 4 day run, the highlights were the live debut of the classic song 'Machete' and fan favourite and set-list regular 'Interworld'.

(September 18th 1998, Praxis - The Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, California)
The following night, the band played at the Coach house in California, and although footage does seem to exist, as far I can tell it's nowhere to be found online. Hopefully one day it resurfaces so the 4 back to back Praxis shows can be complete. So, if anybody does have it, let's see it. Please.

(September 19th 1998, Praxis – The Troubadour, Hollywood, Los Angeles)
On September 19th 1998, the band would play at the world famous Troubadour in LA.

Although the set-list and show was pretty much identical to the superior Belly Up show, there were some glorious moments, notably Buckethead knocking over his amp and then playing air guitar whilst its fixed. Fantastic.

(September 20th 1998, Praxis – Slim's San Francisco, California)
And the final of the four shows happened at the recently closed Slim's in San Francisco, and featured the now famous clip of the blistering rendition of 'Interworld'.
The footage was filmed by Kurt Strubeck who gave the recording to Buckethead 3 months later, which he later included on his Secret Recipe DVD.
The clip was uploaded to Youtube in 2006 and remains one of Buckethead's most watched and revered live performances.
And 22 years to the day of its recording, thanks to the original recorder of the show, this channel uploaded the full version of 'Interworld' as well as never before seen unearthed footage of the show. Including an excellent rendition of 'Machete', Buckethead going uber-crazy on stage and there was even fire! Buckethead, Praxis, 1998? Glorious!


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