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10 Things we’d Love to see from Buckethead in 2020  
Good evening everybody, with this year already shaping up to be glorious for a Buckethead fan, here’s 10 things we’d love to see from the GOAT in 2020. Woo!! 
1. (Album sequels)  
With new pike albums dropping left, right and center, it would no doubt catch everyone by surprise if you clicked refresh and there’s ‘Colma II’ or ‘Bucketheadland III’ or even ‘Enter the Chickens’. 2020 album sequels would be fantastic and a great way to also reflect on those classic albums. 
2. (World Tour) 
If you live in America, you’ve been spoiled by Buckethead tours for decades. But if you don’t live in America…  fuck. 
So a 2020 world tour would be epic, and I’m sure the buckethead community would happily spread the word that the GOAT is coming to town. And if he wants to wear his yellow raincoat and play some never before played pike songs, that would get a double woo from me. Woo, Woo!! 
3. (Official Merch) 
Most Buckethead fans will agree that one thing that’s lacking in the realm of buckethead is official merchandise. Whilst there’s plenty of cool unofficial merchandise out there, official merchandise would be glorious. From comic books, masks, painted buckets, t-shirts, video games and of course a buckethead toy!  
4. (Gibson Signature Les Paul Guitar) 
A no doubt popular choice of things we’d love to see from Buckethead in 2020, is a reissue of the Signature Gibson Les Paul. Despite numerous petitions and inquiries, it doesn’t look like a reissue will happen anytime soon, but you never know. Buckethead 2020 Signature Gibson? Yes, please. 
5. (Reunions) 
As awesome as it is to see Buckethead tear up the stage with his one man show, a handful of 2020 reunion shows would be outstanding. Whether it’s the Deli Creeps, the Giant Robot band, Mickey Mouse or my personal favourite, Praxis. Seeing a Praxis reunion would be classic, and would be a great way to honor late Praxis member, Bernie Worrell.   
6.  (Secret Recipe II) 
One of the most essential items to own as a Buckethead fan is the Secret Recipe DVD, which covered Buckethead’s career up until 2005. So, maybe 2020 is time for Secret Recipe II. A glorious retrospect of the last 15 years of Buckethead, with never before seen footage, new music and more. Secret Recipe II? Hell yeah! 
7. (Interview) 
For me, the most memorable buckethead moment of the last decade was the release of the coming alive podcast interview. So, how about a 2020 interview? Whether it’s with the coming alive podcast, Joe Rogan, H3, Hot Ones, Helen Yee or even me, a new Buckethead interview would be awesome. And just like the last interview, would blow everyones minds. 
8. (Big B on a Big stage) 
As great as it is to have a smaller loyal community that Buckethead has, seeing Big B on a big stage watched by a big audience in 2020, would be awesome and much deserved. And if it means gaining a larger fan base and receiving the worldwide recognition he deserves, I wouldn’t care who it’s with.  
9. (Buckethead Horror Movie) 
We all know that as a musician Buckethead is unmatched, but what about Buckethead as an actor, in a horror movie?. Imagine if Buckethead suddenly turned up as a character in WWE, squashed a bunch of jobbers like brock lesnar does and then made a WWE studios horror movie, that would be pretty awesome. And if they wanna do Buckethead vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 36, I’ll see you there. 
10. (Bucketheadland) 
Seeing Buckethead fulfill his dream in 2020 of bringing the Bucketheadland theme park to life would be damn right epic. Of course, on a grand scale, all in, it would take millions of dollars and be a huge financial risk. But who knows, maybe there’s a billionaire bucket bot out there just waiting to invest, and waiting to give the GOAT what he bloody well deserves.  
So, whatever Buckethead does in 2020 will no doubt be glorious, as long as he’s fit, healthy and happy, it’s all good. Woo!! 



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