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The LOST Buckethead Tapes We Wish Existed

Good evening everybody, with hundreds of live shows under his bucket, we should be extremely grateful that we can watch many of Buckethead's shows at the click of a button.

However, there's many shows that we wish existed, that have seemingly been lost forever.
But, if a 500 year old Leonardo Da Vinci painting can be discovered, there's always hope.

So, let's take a look a the lost Buckethead tapes we wish existed. Woo!!

1 (Buckethead & Maximum Bob – March 5th, 1996. Hotel Utah, San Francisco)
Almost 24 years ago to the day, on March 5th 1996, Buckethead & fellow Deli Creeps founder Maximum Bob, performed a 2 man show at the Hotel Utah in San Francisco.

The 1 hour show was thought to be lost, until 2006, when the full audio made its way to the internet.
Many years later, an unearthed clip was uploaded, titled 'Buckethead noodling'. Showing the first 2 minutes of the show.

Whether the full recording ever surfaces remains to be seen, but it's seem very likely it exists.
So with a glimmer of hope, the wait continues.

2 (Praxis / Giant Robot – Fuji Rock August 1st 2004, Japan)
In 2004 Buckethead played 2 shows at the renowned Fuji Rock festival in Japan.
One show with his Giant Robot band, the second with Bill Laswell as Praxis.

Segments of the festival were shown live on Japanese TV and thankfully, a short pro-shot clip of the performance exists. But, unfortunately, its all that exists.

Its almost a hundred percent certainty that both performances were filmed in full, pro-shot, but have never seen the light of day.

These shows are also significant in that, unless I'm mistaken, are the final shows that Buckethead did outside of the U.S.

3 (The Six String Giant Show – July 8th 1992)
And whilst we're in Japan, another lost Buckethad show occurred on July 8th 1992 in Tokyo, which many of you may know as 'The Six String Giant Show'.

The show was released many years later on bootleg CD, and of the over 400 albums that Buckethead has released, is one of the only ones I've never heard in full.
I've only heard 2 songs from that album and to me, it didn't sound like Buckethead, and certainly doesn't sound like its live. But, if anyone has the CD, hook me so I can know for sure.
And if it is legit, that also means there's a chance that there's a video of the show, which would be glorious.

4 (Mike Patton/ Moonraker – December 18th 2000, Knitting Factory, Los Angeles)
Next up is one that most hardcore Buckethead fans are aware of, the lost show with Mike Patton.
Like others on this list, full audio of the show exists and there's also around 10 minutes of footage.

Filmed December 18th 2000, Buckethead, Mike Patton and DJ Flare perform an improv show as the band 'Moonraker'.

Once again, its highly likely the full show exists on film, but with almost 20 years gone by, its looking less likely we'll ever see it.

Next up, a handful of shows that we wish existed, but might never have even been recorded.

5) (Woo Warriors with Bernie Worrell – February 5th & 6th 1999 / with Brain, October 27th 1994/ with Buckshot Lefonque, July 17th 1995)

From October 27th 1994 Buckethead and former-Praxis and GNR drummer Brain, performed a one off show in San Francisco, for the bargain price of $7.
This may have been the first show they performed as a duo and would be great treasure if it ever surfaced.

From July 17th 1995 Buckethead performed his first ever show in the UK in Leeds, as a guest for musician Buckshot Lefonque, who's album 'No Pain, No Gain' Buckethead shredded on that same year.
Again, this would be a treasure of a clip to have. But will likely never surface.

From February of 1999, Buckethead made 2 guest appearances for Praxis member Bernie Worrells band 'The Woo Warriors'.
The 2nd of those shows was at Palookaville in Santa Cruz, California, and despite there being full audio of the show, there seems to be no footage at all.

And from June 13th 1997, Buckethead and his fellow Praxis members performed at the Anchorage in New York.
Again, full audio of the excellent show exists, but as of yet, no footage. This is also, one of, if not the only show where Buckethead used his SG Gibson guitar on stage.

So, which show do you wish existed and will we ever see it?



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