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Rappers who “used” Buckethead Songs

Good evening everybody, as most of you Buckethead fans know, Buckethead loves a bit of rap. And judging by the title of this video, the rap community loves a bit of Buckethead.
So today we're looking at rappers who have used, sampled or (stolen) Buckethead songs. Let's take a look. Woo!!

First up is SHE with the 2018 song 'Consecuencias'.
SHÉ – Consecuencias, 2018 - Padmasana

Yep, from Buckethead's 2002 classic album 'Electric Tears' its Padmasana.

The Spanish rapper has over a million subscribers and 1 million views of the song. And just like every other rapper mentioned in this video, there's not a single mention of Buckethead in the description or credits.
But, there is a mention from this guy in the comment section though. Glorious!

Next up, American rapper Bones with the song 'I think there is something in the radiator'.
Bones – Ithinkthereissomethingintheradiator, 2015 - Electric Tears

Yep, it's the Buckethead track 'Electric Tears'.

The song has over 70,000 listens on Youtube and almost 1 million listens on Soundcloud, with most of the comments being about Buckethead. All praise to the bucket.

Next up, is a French rapper using a Buckethead song in a Cliff Burton tribute. huh?
VII - Il venait d'Orion, 2011 – Aunt Suzie

As most of you will recognize, its from Bucketheads 2007 album 'Cyborg Slunks,' its Aunt Suzie.

The song has over 150,000 listens on Youtube and Spotify, and once again no credits to Buckethead.

This goes the same for the next song by Turkish rapper Radansa.
Radansa – Sigarasiz, 2013 – Aunt Suzie

And sticking with what seems to be Buckethead's most sampled song, Aunt Suzie. Here's American rapper Kobe 'NoCap' Crawford with the song 'Point Guard'.
NoCap – Point Guard, 2018 – Aunt Suzie

Over 400 thousand subscribers, over 7 million views and no mention of Buckethead. Ya bastard.
Rapper NoCap, is currently enjoying social distancing inside of a jail cell.

Next up, the most popular song on the list with over 8 million subscribers and over 122 million views. Its Youngboy Never Broke Again with the song 'House Arrest Tingz'.
Youngboy never broke again - House Arrest Tingz, 2019 – Aunt Suzie

Ah, Aunt Suzie again hey?
As usual, not a single mention or credit to buckethead, you shitter.

And if that's not enough, when Youngboy sings the line “Violins should be played how I'm stylin'” he mimes a clarinet. <sigh>

Next up, rapper Cooliecut using a double dose of Buckethead's 2009 song 'Dawn Appears.
Cooliecut - The Note / The Note #2, 2019, - Dawn Appears

Next, American rapper and all around troublemaker, Lil' Durk, with his song 'Treacherous'.
Lil Durk – Treacherous, 2018 - Soothsayer

Yep, that's as much as I can play of Lil Durk because its owned by UMG and they're the worst. But if you wanna know what it sounds like, then take every other song you've heard in this video and replace the backing track with Soothsayer.
Or, better still, just listen to Soothsayer, Aunt Suzie or Padmasana the way they were intended.
The Buckethead way!


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