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The Fascinating Live-Action/Animated Movie by Buckethead

Good evening everybody, today we're gonna take a look at what was seemingly a completed live action movie by guitar hero, Buckethead.
And if it weren't for the filming of one of his live shows, we might never have known it existed.

So, even though the footage we have isn't exactly HD or 4K, for the hardcore fans out there, its still glorious to see. So, let's take a look. Woo!!

In 2012 Buckethead completed his longest ever tour playing over 70 shows. And on the final day of the tour he played at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.
Before the show began, a screen was erected above the stage, which would show the movie for the first and only time during Bucketheads performance.

The over hour long movie begins the same way that 2018's DVD '10 31' ends, and is animated by the same person, Frankenseuss.
It also includes some of the segments that were later used in '10 31' including the burning coop, Buckethead on the bed and the dude selling eyeballs at the food stand (6.48 of 10 31).

Later we see Buckethead in an oddball mask wearing chicken suit and hanging up severed arms. Because, that's what he does.
This is followed by him shredding on his KFC custom guitar, which had pretty much not been seen since he left Guns N Roses.
He's then seen sitting on the floor goofing, and then on the set of what was originally the cover of the album 'Super Diorama Theater' which later became the Cuckoo Clocks of Hell.

Later on we see Buckethead wearing the same Leatherface mask that he wore for the Cornbugs DVD and get an extreme close up of his glorious Inbred teeth.

And speaking of inbred..
We get numerous on screen text eluding to a ride at Bucketheadland called 'Inbred Mountain' which as most of you know, is also the name of his excellent 2005 album.
“I want to go on Inbred Mountain but I'm not tall enough”
“I know how you feel. My people are also too short to go on Inbred Mountain”
“but we don't care anymore because not we have an attraction for folks our size”
“you must not be shorter than this grave to go on the ride”
“goodbye my friend. And good luck”
“I hate goodbyes. But tell your people, thank you”

Following this we get to the banjo segment of the movie, which shows Buckethead noodling in a cemetery, nice. And then glorious footage of him dressed as a pirate wearing a skeleton mask. Which looks to be the same skeleton mask he wore a few years prior in 2009.

And as if all of that wasn't random enough, there's then footage of some kind of gimp boy dancing around the floor seemingly during Halloween. Bloody gimps.

Next up we breaking news from Bucketheadland, alerting of an attack from 'Monsters & Robots'. We then see what seems to be Buckethead in some kinda of, whatever that is! Octo-puss-eye.
And later on he's seen in a robot outfit destroying buildings. Monsters n Robots.

There's then footage of Buckethead in the rare spaceman style outfit that he wore briefly in 2011 , which can also be seen on the cover of Pike 66 'leave the light on'.

The hour long movie doesn't appear to be any relation to the Ghost Host and other DVD's that were meant to be released in 2018 as these were all personalized 5 minute recordings.

The movie does appear to have a menu similar to 2006's Secret Recipe DVD, so maybe it was intended as a sequel? Who knows.

Personally I find this footage and movie absolutely fascinating, and regardless of the videos quality, I'm thankful it exists.
For the amount of time it looks like it took to make, hopefully one day we get to see it in all its glory.
Whatever the reason for it never being released, at over an hour long it would be essential footage to own for all Buckethead fans to own. So, Please Buckethead. Let's see it. Please.


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