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Easter Eggs & Mysteries in Buckethead Music Videos

Good evening everybody, whether its hidden messages, subtle references or mysteries that are waiting to be solved, Easter eggs are everywhere from video games to movies and of course, music videos.

So today we're going Easter egg hunting through the official music videos of guitar hero, Buckethead.
So, let's begin. Woo!!

Animal Behavior – Unmasked Buckethead?

From the 1992 music video 'Animal Behavior' by Praxis is a brief Easter egg showing the face of an unidentified man, which might well be the face of Buckethead.

Its not any other person that appears in the rest of the video, so if it's not young Buckethead, then its the videos director Francois Bergeron. Who unfortunately doesn't seem to have any photos out there for reference.

Bearing in mind this was 1992, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to assume that it is Buckethead, as he didn't become super private until the late 90's.
So, is the can man, an unmasked Buckethead easter egg? What do you think?

We are One – Buckethead Unmasked?

And whilst we're on the subject of people who may or may not be Buckethead unmasked. From the 2005 video 'We are One' is this unidentified person in disguise shooting an arrow.

So, is this and the can man Buckethead hiding in plain sight? What do you guys think? My money says it is.

Also during the video, we get a cameo appearance by Buckethead's Deli Creeps band member Pinchface. And a mystery woman with Rabbit ears who doesn't appear to be Buckethead's main squeeze Big D, so who is the rabbit woman?

Ballad of Buckethead – Mystery Text

Next up is the mystery text from the 1999 music video 'The Ballad of Buckethead'.
The text appears throughout the video, but, what the hell does it mean?

The video does have other text, including some unreadable Japanese, but this text is prominent throughout the video. So, is it an Easter egg waiting to be solved or just completely random?

10 31 – Everything

By far one of Buckethead's greatest official music videos is 2018's '10 31'.
Animated by Frankenseuss, who's collaborated with Buckethead since 1996. The video features many of the sketches and concepts from the early days of Buckethead's website.
And contains many easter eggs that can pretty much only be seen when the footage is slowed down.

Such as, the appearance of Buckethead's alter ego Death Cube K, the Plasticine Buckethead, the worms for the garden, the sign that reads 'Alberts Slunk house and scrap market', the mysterious mannequin woman, the buckethead tombstone and so many more.
It also ends with words from the mysterious Albert, who, as we've talked about in previous videos, may or may not be an alter ego of Buckethead.

Undacover Funk – Buckethead Tuff Stuff Chainsaw by Mattel

From the 2002 Snoop Dogg & Bootsy Collins video 'Undacover funk'. Buckethead makes sure one of his most prized possessions makes an Easter egg cameo appearance, his 1972 tuff stuff play saw by Mattel.

A collectors item among Buckethead enthusiasts, the saw has been used as an onstage prop numerous times, by buckethead, notably when he killed Primus front-man Les Claypool with it during a live show. You evil Bastard.

ODB Tribute – Leatherface Doll from Axl Rose

In late 2004 Buckethead released a short tribute video to recently deceased rapper, ODB.
The low resolution video shows Buckethead miming to ODB whilst wearing a leatherface mask and clutching his hand puppets.

And as cool as all of that is, the real Easter egg is the 18 inch Leatherface doll in the background.

This is the doll that Guns N Roses front-man Axl Rose bought him for Christmas in 1999.
A gift that persuaded Buckethead to join the band, elevating his popularity to new heights. Very cool.

Inbred Teeth 

And in another cool Easter egg from the video, we get a rare glimpse of Buckethead's inbred teeth. Nice.


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