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Buckethead Greatest Feel Good Moments

Good evening everybody, if there's one thing you can associate with Buckethead as much as anything else, it's those feel good moments. So today we're gonna take a look at the times where the guitar hero put smiles on faces and warmed the cockles of the heart. Woo!!

(Bootsy Collins hug) November 3rd 2005
First up from 2005, Buckethead stops playing one of his fan favorite songs to have a beautiful moment with his best friend.

Incidentally the song that Buckethead stopped playing to share a hug with funk legend Bootsy Collins Is from his 1994 album 'Giant Robot' called 'Want Some Slaw' and the intro vocals on that song are provided by none other than Bootsy Collins Mom.

(Brad hugs Buckethead) National Guitar Workshop 2006
And whilst we're on the subject of Bootsy Collins & hugs, in 2006 Buckethead & Boosty held a guitar workshop in Connecticut, and all one fan wanted was a hug.

(Buckethead's DNA) November 1st, 2008 NYC
And what could be better than a hug from Buckethead? How about getting some of Buckethead's DNA. What? While performing in New York in 2008, Buckethead put on a giant zombie mask and right afterwards gave it to a young lucky fan in the audience.
“Buckethead played with this crazy mask on (not his white one, a different one). He gave it out at the end of the concert and guess who got it? Me! Look at this baby! it's crazy. This is proof that I went. This has Buckethead's DNA on it. He wore this. And I shook his hand. It was really nice.” - The lucky Fan.

(Buckethead happy toy exchange) September 16th 2011, Athens Georgia
Throughout the years pretty much every fan who's seen Buckethead live has left with a toy from the GOAT, smiles on faces. So its nice to see when fans return the gesture and not only give Buckethead a toy, but give him one he really likes!
And after showing the clip in our 'Unsolved Mysteries' video, some of the eagle eyed bots out there found out that the toy was a rare 10 inch limited edition Giant Robot figure with glowing eyes. Glorious!

(Shawn Lane & Buckethead, Wetlands New York, 1997)
In 1997 in New York, Buckethead shared the stage with late-great guitar maestro and friend, Shawn Lane. Shawn had been a huge influence on Buckethead with the 2 even planning on releasing an album together. Unfortunately that never happened and Shawn passed away in 2003. But what's left is this one off occasion of the two together, which I'm sure Buckethead cherishes. Including the feel good moment where he gloriously crowns Shawn with his Bucket.

(Oscar Lopez on stage with Buckethead) 2018/2019
Next up, a story that we covered in-depth in our 'twice in a lifetime' video. The 2 occasions where Buckethead invited fan and cover guitarist Oscar Lopez on stage.
Buckethead didn't need to do it, didn't have to do it, but he did do it. He's the greatest.

(Bernie Worrell – The Final Embrace) April 4th 2016, Manhattan New York
In April 2016, Buckethead shared the stage with band-mate and funk legend, Bernie Worrell. Bernie was ill at the time at this would be his final concert. At the conclusion of the song, Buckethead and Bernie shared what would be their final embrace as Bernie passed away just over 2 months later.
And although this is a sad moment, it's also a heartwarming one of two people who'd been friends for over 25 years, essentially saying goodbye.

So whether Bucketheads giving joy through his music, through handing out toys, hugs, letting fan's tap the killswitch or dancing all over the stage. It's all about having fun and feeling good. And when it comes to putting smiles on faces, nobody does it better than Buckethead. Nobody. Woo!!


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