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Buckethead Flashbacks 2 – The 1996 Giant Robot Shows

Good evening everybody, in the second of our flashback series we're going back to 1996 and revisiting some of the glorious shows by Buckethead's Giant Robot band. So, let's begin. Woo!!

The original Giant Robot band was made up by the 3 piece of guitar hero Buckethead, drummer Brain and Keyboardist and producer Pete Scaturro.
Formed around late 1995 they played several shows in 1996 to promote their now classic album 'Giant Robot NTT'.

(January 16th 1996. Slim's San Francisco – Giant Robot)
The first of those shows occurred in January of 1996 at Slim's in San Francisco. The band played 8 out of the 13 album tracks, including the only documented live recording of the song 'Scapula'. Unfortunately no live footage of this show has surfaced, but thankfully there is some audio.

(February 29th 1996, Paradise Lounge, San Francisco – Giant Robot)

On February 29th the band played their most well known show at the Paradise Lounge in San Francisco.
After disowning his bucket, bucket-less Buckethead rips on the song Jowls, plays a superior version of 'I Love my Parents' and then puts on an absolute shred clinic during the songs 'Scraps' and 'Mrs Beasley'.
Photos taken at this show were also later included inside the Giant Robot album booklet. Glorious!

(August 13th 1996, Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica – Giant Robot)
Later in the year the band played a 30 minute set at the Alligator Lounge in Santa Monica. The set featured a shredlicious performance of 'well, well, well' an always excellent 'Big Sur Moon' and an angry Buckethead throwing his new black and white bass guitar to the floor. Piece of crap.

(August 17th 1996, Paradise Lounge, San Francisco – Giant Robot)
4 days later on August 17th 1996, the band returned to the Paradise Lounge to perform another glorious set with Buckethead in full on shred mode, playing among other things a superior version of the Giant Robot theme song, and what I and many others consider to be one of his best ever performances of the song 'Scraps'.
Frets on fire! Fuck yeah!

While the original 3 piece of Buckethead, Brain & Pete Scaturro was short lived, the live performances were excellent, and the album remains one of Buckethead's best. Long live Giant Robot!


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