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Buckethead 2019 Tour Recap

Good evening everybody, it’s seems only a short time ago that we were counting down the hours until bucketheads 2019 tour began with our 7.5 hour live stream countdown. And now, Buckethead’s 2019 tour is over! (Boo!) But what a tour it was.
So today we’re gonna take a look back at the many great moments of Buckethead’s 2019 tour. Woo!!

The tour kicked off on March 1st with the instant talking point being Bucketheads new fashion accessory, the visor.
Overnight sales of visors went up on Amazon…and no, that’s not a joke.
While it seemed he might be using it to protect his eyes from strobe lighting, more than likely he wore it because…well…why the hell not.

Another instant talking point was that Bucethead seemed to be wearing some kind of brace around his chest. As we know Buckethead has suffered back problems throughout his career, so that wouldn’t be a surprise. Needless to say, it didn’t affect his playing …nor did the drunk guy in the pool throwing a beach ball, or the small group of people yelling profanity at his penultimate show in Columbus,. Shameful!

Buckethead would later add a further accessory to his wardrobe, going all out Clint Eastwood with an over the shoulder shawl. Written across it was the words ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. A famous quote from the horror classic ’The Shining’. And is if that wasn’t awesomely creepy enough, he then played ‘The Shining’ theme song like only Buckethead can.

As usual Buckethead’s longtime friend and roadie P-sticks made sure the entire tour went off without a hitch, and he even cut a rug on stage. Classic.

In case you’re wondering the song was by Latvian rap duo Transleiteris. Written about a Lativian NBA Basketball player.

And whilst were on the subject of rap, Buckethead also played the song ‘Candy Shop’ by rapper 50 Cent.

As usual Buckethead showed how much he appreciates his fans, by letting the bot’s tap his killswitch and with his toy giveaway intermission. Toys, handshakes and dueling hand puppets. Fan interaction at its finest.

And for the second year in a row, Buckethead bought up long-time fan and guitarist Oscar Lopez. Whilst Oscar played Nottingham Lace, Buckethead stood and watched at the side of the stage the entire time. Respect. Incidentally Oscar played the same song for our first Buckethead collaboration video earlier this year. So, be sure to check it out.

And Oscar wasn’t the only person to get up on stage during the tour. Buckethead was also joined by a Buckethead doppelganger. The doppelganger made it pretty clear they weren’t actually playing the guitar and more than likely it was a family member of Buckethead. 2 Bucketheads, 1 stage. Nice.

Whilst the majority of Buckethead’s set list was relatively the same as previous tours, along with Candy Shop’ and ‘The Shining’ he did pull out a few never before played tracks that were pretty damn sweet.

During the tour, the new DOOM video game soundtrack was released by Buckethead. The album contained 8 previously released Pike songs and 1 new song ‘Romero, One Mind any Weapon’.

A new website was also launched by Buckethead, with a single image on the homepage titled ‘Entrance’.  Let’s the ride begin.

Of all the shows and moments throughout the tour, Bucketheads 50th birthday show at Louisville Palace in Kentucky was arguably his best.
The venue was given a Halloween makeover by the Louisville Halloween company, who did an amazing job. There was even a special Buckethead drinks menu. Aunt Suzie Bacardi Punch. Excellent.

The show kicked off with a jam between Buckethead and local group, the river city drum corp.

Whilst Buckethead’s set list for his 2019 tour remained about 80% the same. For me, the playing of those songs were by far the best he’s done them in a long long time. His tone and feedback was as good as it’s ever been and there’s wasn’t a single solo he didn’t nail.
Most Buckethead fans will agree that his playing in 04, 06 and 09 was his best, and 2019 is now right up there amongst them. Genuinely. Once again Buckethead proved why he is, was and always will be… the GOAT.


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